New Innovative Ipad / Tablet Casing and Modular Mounting System

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have designed a new casing / modular mounting solutions for the Ipad and tablet market. We have just finished the prototype stage and are now seeking $200,000 to fund market rollout and commercialisation during 2011. Based on our conservative forecast investors will see a ROI in year 3 of 53%.

Our next generation case is the only solid structured case on the market with three built in stands incorporated into the design and numerous unique features. The first being a magnetic mounting platform so that the case can easily be attached to any metal objects such as fridges. The second is a quick release clip mechanism so that the device can be easily attached to a variety of periphery accessory mounts.

These mounts mean that the Ipad and all future successful tablets in the market can be mounted with ease and style in car dashboards / windscreen, rear headrest, wall, kitchen and the offices. Our case has been designed to suit the ever changing modern lifestyle and is the most versatile and functional on the market. Our system can be easily expanded for corporate organizations and trade shows.

Ipad’s and the tablets are designed to be very versatile and on the move. They can be used in multiple places and for multiple means. Our system lets this happen with ease. Many owners of these products have a protective case for it and also a stand so it can be used with a keyboard in the office or in the home. Our case incorporates 3 stands in 1 and then users can build up their system to reflect their needs in day to day life.

We are 8 months into the development and now have finished prototypes in the UK. Currently testing and final tweaks being made. Tooling in China has been planned and after investment can be complete in three weeks. Production can follow on immediately and finished products can be in retail locations within ten weeks. We are aiming to have our products ready for the Christmas spending rush 2011.

The People:
Philip Rodgers – Managing Director

Philip is a keen entrepreneur and has talent in sourcing and designing new products in the market. Philip has strong sourcing strengths in the far east and has been importing multiple commodities in various sectors for the past 5 years and selling these worldwide. Through manufacturing contacts Philip developed a relationship with one of the leading design companies in Australia and Taiwan. Edapt solutions was then born. Philip choose the above company to partner with as they know the market very well we are entering as they already supply and manufacture to one of the leading brands in the smart phone / tablet market.

Lee Bannister – Commercial and Marketing partner
Lee has an extensive retail background having held senior and executive commercial marketing positions over the past 14 years including the HMV Group, Woolworths PLC and Kingfisher.

With Lee’s vast network, we will be able to open doors to some of the biggest UK retailers upon gaining financial partners. In addition Lee’s consumer understanding based on product, market and customer insight will allow us to hit the ground running and take the market by storm whilst ensuring longevity within from the product range and continued sales.


To access the customers we will have a retail strategy and a direct strategy. By partnering with the retailers we can embrace the 50% accessories attachment rate via direct selling and product placement at the point of purchase of Tablet hardware, be that in-store or online. Via Direct selling and an exceptional Digital Marketing and PR strategy, we can access the growing base of customers who shy away from physical stores.

Our products will fit into the top end of the market. The price point however will be middle to high end. By pricing ourselves in the middle / middle top end of the market we plan to take the market. The competitor products available at this price point are basic cases and do not any of the functions that we provide.

The tablet market is huge and growing at a phenomenal rate. In the past 14 months 25 million Ipads have been sold and this year the figure is set to reach 37 million devices sold. By 2015 Apple are predicted to lose their market leading position however sales figures and expected to be 80 million units. The other brands collectively are predicted to amass to 150 million units sold.
As soon as successful Ipad rival tablets hit the market we will be producing a base case for them similar to our current design. These cases will be able to fit into our whole range of periphery accessories. Existing customers can purchase newer products or even a different brand of products and all their existing mounting solutions will still fit their newer devices.

We are currently in the process of applying for a patent, however we believe that the opportunity to enter the market immediately is paramount and a successful launch, ideally worldwide is of paramount importance as the patent process is lengthy. We are looking to enter the market with a patent pending product.

Our team has spent months researching our market. Our designers and manufacturers are already in this marketplace and have over 5 years of distributing successful brands within it. We have been very active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and now have a significant number of contacts in all areas that we need such as distributors ( in over 20 countries), buyers and retail outlets.
We have held initial talks with many industry specific e-tailers who are very confident with our product range and awaiting information on our laun

Competitive Advantage

Competitors: The Ipad has only been around for just over a year now so it is a fairly new market, however it is growing at an astonishingly fast rate.

1. Vogel (

These are our main competitors. They have only recently launched their products to the market. (April 2011). At this time their products are not available worldwide however will be shortly.
Although very similar to our products / system – our products are advantageous in many areas.
1a. Their base case is as stated just a case. If you wish to have a stand for it you have to purchase it separately. This could easily become lost or more likely could be left at a location i.e. left in the office when the product is taken home leading to no stand in the home. In comparison our case incorporates two stands and a magnet section for use in the kitchen when cooking meals / looking up recipes etc.

1b.Their wall stand has limited functionality. As it does not have a tilt function it must be mounted at eye level or the end user must bend in awkward positions to view the screen. In comparison our mount incorporates a ball joint meaning the product can be moved to multiple viewing angles to make life easier for the consumer.

We provide a more versatile system and our prices are 25-50% cheaper than themselves for different mounts.

2. Modulr (

Modulr have released a system in the low-middle range. Their products involve strapped sections and do not provide a solid fixed support to items such as the headrest for use in the back of cars. The main problems with this system are the fundamental node system that they use for attaching periphery accessories to their case. These nodes are placed in the corners of the case. This does not allow easily for upgrades by the consumer. All mounts are made to fit into these nodes. The problem arises when new different size tablets enter the market. If a consumer brought a new tablet they could purchase a new case from this competitor however their existing mounts would not fit into the new case, as the base case would be a different size. This means they would have to purchase all the new mounts at a further cost to themselves. In comparison all our base cases will have a quick release section in the middle of the product. No matter how small or large further products are –our cases will allow all previous mounts and accessories to fit into it.

3. Ram Mounts (

Rather than produce a modular system Ram Mounts have designed a number or mounts for use in different situations. They do not have a base cover rather than different mounts for different situations. This means when not in a mount the Ipad / tablet is not protected. Their prices are also very high. Using their mounts to produce a similar system to ours has a 100% increase in price.

Our niche and USP is that we will be providing the market with the most versatile system for protecting and mounting your tablet device. Our products will be available for all future successful market tablets and our high end products will be priced in the middle market range to ensure they are affordable to everyone.

Rationale for the deal

The opportunity is huge here and the market is growing at an unprecedented rate.
Our products are the most innovative on the market, will be situated in the middle price bracket and have huge margins even when taking into account the 50-60% retailer margin.
Our competitors are booming and the time is now to enter the market with higher quality and more affordable range of products.
A full business plan and forecasts can be provided once a NDA has been set up and we invite investors to contact us to discuss further.

Use of financing

We have invested £35,000 to get to the stage we are at now. The funding is required to produce the moulds and manufacture the first 5000 units. The remaining amount ( for which there is a contigency) will be spent on an intense digital marketing / social marketing campaign for a soft launch. Again all details are in the business plan.

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