Capital Management with High ROI. Focus on Forex and Commodities

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are is a money management firm with a focus on Forex and derivatives trading. We offer a range of advisory services, individual customized hedge funds

Since Oct 2012 we have been trading a simulation fund of $500 mil with a strategy that yielded over 90% ROI in a year with more than 11,000 manual trades and more than 98% success rate with less than 0.7% risk.

For this result, we incorporated five different sciences in this strategy (Mathematics: geometry and trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Astrology) while such success rate hasn't happened since 1934'.

Use of financing

We are looking for a strategic investor to help us trade a fund of at least 1mil Euro and go public with a World Guinness Record in two - three months.

Our further purpose along with our strategic investor is to form a JV and attract funds that would lead to a Hedge Fund formation from the publicity of our track record.

Opportunity for the investor

We will be glad to present you our strategy which can successfully forecast the next economic world crisis, and all possible lows in oil, energy or commodities.

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