Looking For Start-up Investment For a Poultry Farm in Cameroon

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Seeking for start-up funds to kick start a poultry farm that will grow into a commercial production farm.

Corn, Soyabean and Grain Sorghum Farming, Processing Farm Products

Just recently acquired two lands the size of 1000 hectare and 5000 hectare, looking for investors that are willing to invest, the area is safe, secured.

Request financing of a Sudanese airline secured by Revenues, Assets

Request financing of a Sudanese airline secured by Revenues, Assets The aim of the $ 70- $ 100 million funding is to expand aircraft fleet and technical assistance

Equipment Needed: Opportunity in Gold Mining in Zimbabwe

In possession of a number of mining certificates/licences in gold mining and processing in Zimbabwe. We are looking for an investor to come in with equipment.

Investment Needed for Inter-Country Coach Buses Transportation

We offer a very fast, affordable and comfortable means of transportation for long distance journeys between Gambia and neighbouring countries using 50-seater buses.

Invest In Student Accommodation, building and Managing the property.

Currently looking for an investor that can invest in student Accommodation that will accommodate more than a thousand students, with a lifetime return on investment.

Entrepreneur Seek Investors For Already Established Pharmacy

Jan 1, 2016 Ghana $18,000/ min. $15,000 Seed in pharmaceuticals Entrepreneur seeks investors for already Established Pharmacy for growth and expansion.

Investments Opportunity,Transport Sector

We are an INVESTMENT PLATFORM, established in 2018 for aggressive profit growth on investment under a transportation company.

Creation of Nature Preserve Maybe With Some Basic Eco Tourism acc.

Intention is to create a nature preserve- the pics already show where the property is, in South Africa. It is 40 hectares in size.

Equity investment needed for food production project with 40% ROI

Product: coconut chips Funding purpose: to market our product and expand to other parts of the country Offering to investors: a 40% profit to our investors.

Equity Investment Needed in Start Up Modern Eye Clinic in Ghana

A start-up ultra modern Eye Clinic that needs a fund to purchase equipment,rent a place etc. We shall provide general services and supply of frames, lenses,etc

Equity Investment Needed Small-scale Gold Mining Project.

Investor to partner with a small-scale gold mining project Funds needed will be invested in the equipments for the project and 50% ROI will be earned.

Mining Claims Exploration, Gold, Iron, Diamonds, Asbestos And Coal

All the above are in order. Papers done, just need interested investors. TO TAKE ON THIS 100% ASSURED INVESTMENT RETURN.

Lakesha Resort Hospitality Residencies- 4 Star Boutique Hotel, Kenya

Upscale hospitality project in Watamu Beach, in Kilifi County, Kenya. Joint venture transaction looking for $ 5 million construction of upmarket holiday residencies.

Needed Investment for Residential Gated Community Near A Beach

A gated community on a 27 Acre land in a prime area of the Country with a new Airport being built, A university in the area and the National football stadium to be buit.

Equity Investment Needed in Aloe Vera Juice Business in South Africa

The business seeks to create healthy great tasting aloe vera juice that will take the health and nutritional beverages industry to a whole new level.

Investment Needed in Setting Up a Construction Company in Zimbabwe

The company will be specialized in the construction of skyscrapers, bridges, stadiums, roads, dams,office complexes, shopping malls, schools, campuses et al.

Mining Investors Needed in Various Regions of South Africa and SADC.

Investors are needed for mining opportunities (coal, gold, diamond). These mines are on sale while others require joint ventures. All paper work is available

Seeking for Funding to Launch an Online Publication And Host Forums

I want to launch an online publication about Africa and also to host seminars/forums across Africa and beyond Africa. I need funding.

Looking for Investment for a Solar Energy PPP in Zimbabwe

The project contemplated is to offer solar as an alternative but preferred energy source to electricity. This will be rolled out to households, schools, hospitals.