Equity Investment Needed in Start Up Modern Eye Clinic in Ghana

A start-up ultra modern Eye Clinic that needs a fund to purchase equipment,rent a place etc. We shall provide general services and supply of frames, lenses,etc

Equity Investment Needed Small-scale Gold Mining Project.

Investor to partner with a small-scale gold mining project Funds needed will be invested in the equipments for the project and 50% ROI will be earned.

Mining Claims Exploration, Gold, Iron, Diamonds, Asbestos And Coal

All the above are in order. Papers done, just need interested investors. TO TAKE ON THIS 100% ASSURED INVESTMENT RETURN.

Lakesha Resort Hospitality Residencies- 4 Star Boutique Hotel, Kenya

Upscale hospitality project in Watamu Beach, in Kilifi County, Kenya. Joint venture transaction looking for $ 5 million construction of upmarket holiday residencies.

Needed Investment for Residential Gated Community Near A Beach

A gated community on a 27 Acre land in a prime area of the Country with a new Airport being built, A university in the area and the National football stadium to be buit.

Equity Investment Needed in Aloe Vera Juice Business in South Africa

The business seeks to create healthy great tasting aloe vera juice that will take the health and nutritional beverages industry to a whole new level.

Investment Needed in Setting Up a Construction Company in Zimbabwe

The company will be specialized in the construction of skyscrapers, bridges, stadiums, roads, dams,office complexes, shopping malls, schools, campuses et al.

Mining Investors Needed in Various Regions of South Africa and SADC.

Investors are needed for mining opportunities (coal, gold, diamond). These mines are on sale while others require joint ventures. All paper work is available

Seeking for Funding to Launch an Online Publication And Host Forums

I want to launch an online publication about Africa and also to host seminars/forums across Africa and beyond Africa. I need funding.

Looking for Investment for a Solar Energy PPP in Zimbabwe

The project contemplated is to offer solar as an alternative but preferred energy source to electricity. This will be rolled out to households, schools, hospitals.

Investor Wanted to Partner in Real Estate Project in Ghana

3 bedroom house at Kasoa near the new market.It is in a cool and clean environment and surrounded by school and it is opened for business partnership or any business.

Manufacturing of Paper/Plastic Take Away Boxes and Containers

Setup of a factory to manufacture plastic or paper take away boxes and other packaging.The material has to be recyclable as per government requirement.

Sports Drinks and 100% Natural&healthy Juices Investment Opportunity

Our brand is 100% natural sports drinks. Our ranges will include isotonic and proteine drinks but also natural juices and smoothies.

Buy Au gold and diamonds direct from the community local miners

Looking for partner to build a local mining company or serious cash buyer of Au gold and rough/uncut diamonds direct from the community local miners in Guinea.

Development of 100 housing units for sale/rent in Lusaka Zambia

Estate Developer Needed. 2 Hectares prime land available in Lusaka, the Capital of Zambia for development of 100 medium cost housing units. Situated next to a Hotel.

Seeking Investors For A Startup Transport Company In Nigeria.

We are a startup company providing transportation services across 5 endorsed routes in Nigeria, with impressive daily returns on investment.

Investors Required For a Fresh Goldmine (Rock) in Nigeria

We hereby request investors for a rock Gold mine in Nigeria. The site has been acquired and feasibility studies done. We need the fund to buy mining equipment.

Serious Investors Wanted For Healthcare Center Business Expansion

I am already into healthcare delivery and I am looking for serious investors to invest into my company to expand it for the larger market. Expansion seriously.

Metal and Liquid Petroleum for Local Use and Export to Main Building

2 opportunities in mining iron ore and liquid gas. We have areas in our portfolio and geological reports for the mining of these minerals. We will explore and package

Large Scale Gold Mining Investor Needed To Invest in Machinary

We are offering 50/50 to any investor who wishes to invest in gold mining.We have acquired the appropriate mining licenses to conduct gold exploration and processing.