Equipment Needed to Exploit a Golden Brown Marble Quarry

Marble quarry to exploit in Morocco .Nice golden brown marble.Required equipment. Need a partner to exploit new quarry .

Rural Transportation with 3 Wheel-Motorcycle with 130% ROI

This is a means of transporting rural populace with covered 3 wheel motor vehicles that can carry 5 people at a time and earn daily income while employing 300 youths.

Investment Needed for Inter-Country Coach Buses Transportation

We offer a very fast, affordable and comfortable means of transportation for long distance journeys between Gambia and neighbouring countries using 50-seater buses.

Investment Needed in Production & Exportation of Agricultural Produce

I'm seeking an investment to set up a medium scale production hub where we will produce, package, sell and also export various dry goods from Nigeria to the world.

Debt/Equity Investment Needed in Dairy Farming Enterprise

Introducing dairy farming onto existing farming projects. Supplying milk to two milk processing plants nearby. Investment for buying cows and construction of parlor.

Huge Opportunity For Creation of a Specialist Office in Maputo

Establishment of a local agency to promote and generate viable projects duly audited for presentation to Int. funders, guaranteed medium to long term projects.

Lucerne/Alfalfa Production in Botswana. A protein based fodder crop

Lucerne is mostly imported and sold by Agriculture distribution shops in Botswana. I want to be the one to stop this import of lucerne in Botswana.

Equity Investment Needed in Transportation Business with 20% ROI

*Commuter transit business within Lagos,Nigeria. *Fund needed to increase Capital from $9000 to $30000 *Shares with up to 20% dividend for investors.

Corn Farm Land in Center region of Cameroon is in Need of Investment

Our group has secured a 100 hectares of farm land in Cameroon to produce corns. the requested fund is to launch the project, any interested investor covers 50%

Entertainment Company in Ghana Looking for Investment Partners

Guaranteed 35% ROI per annum for 8 years. Start Up Entertainment company into artist, songwriter, producer & engineer management, is looking for debt or equity investor

Private Energy Refinery Project in Nigeria Needs Financing

Private refinery (100,000 barrels) needs investor to fund. Loan will be repaid from product sales and investor gets 50% permanent equity ownership after payback.

Copper Ore Dumps and Tailing Dam Project in Chingola Zambia

We are looking for an investor to enter in joint venture partnership on this project preferably, however we are open to other deal proposals provided the term agreeable.

Online Business Listings/Directory for African Countries

This is an existing African business listing and advertisement forum for all with a target of 300 million businesses listed within 24 months.

Transportation Start up Project in Nigeria with 5 percent ROI

I am planning to start a passenger transport service from Lagos to Abuja and the rest of the states in Nigeria as there is insufficient supply of such services.

South African Entrepreneur Looking for a Loan to Buy a Petrol Station

I am looking to purchase an existing petrol filling station and I need funding for the acquisition. The net profit of the station is ZAR 100.000.00 plus.

Affordable Housing Project in Nigeria Seeking an Investment Partner

Real Estate company asking for support to deliver quality houses through their market expertise. Aim is to fill the gap by making affordable houses available.

Investment Project in Food Preservation and Rural Development

We have designed and developed a container that prevents insect and rampants reaching the food or drinks contained inside.

Unique Advertising Trailers Business Looking for Start-Up Funding

The business plans to revolutionize mobile trailer advertising to the limit and set a high standard for competitors. $200,000 USD are needed at the start-up stage.

Opportunity to Invest in South Africa's Financial Services Market

Experienced finance professionals aiming to establish a financial services business that would focus on purpose specific lending to the mass market.

Investment Opportunity in Alluvial Gold Mining in Liberia

The company promptly acquired the appropriate mining licenses to conduct gold exploration and exploitation within River Cess, Liberia.