Investors Needed at Gold Mine in the Gold Rich Area Mazowe Zimbabwe

We are looking for a partner who can seed money into our company and we will give them equity and profits from the Gold sales.

I am Looking for Partners Interested in Investing in Leather Apparel

I am looking for investors eager to review the lucrative leather apparel sector. We manufacture leather jackets, bags, footwear, wallets, ornaments and much more.

Gold Mine Investment Opportunity in Zimbabwe Looking for Expansion

The investor is expected to inject funds to cover costs of fencing the mine, electricity and machinery. This will supplement the nine that the company already possesses.

Castor Seeds Farm With a Refinery and Soya Bean Plantation

Debt or equity investment is needed for Green Agriculture with an existing market. ( ROI 30%) To cultivate a 25,000-acre land of castor seeds, to feed 120 tons/day.

Investor or Financier Needed for a Maize Transformation Plant

An agricultural Cooperative in Cameroon is looking for an investor or financier to move their business from maize production in their farms to a maize transformation.

Lucrative Gold Claim - Seeking Partner to Help Kickstart Business

We have just secured a gold mining license. We are now looking for serious partners to start full production. We have done researches which have shown huge potential.

Potential Investor Needed For Charcoal Export Business from Cameroon

The project consists of producing hardwood charcoal from timber sawmills waste wood for export to the Middle East and Europe.

Coconut Farming Start-Up Project Looking For Loan/JV Partnership

Our project aims initially to set up a coconuts plantation on a 200 hectares and coconut extracts processing plant. We are inviting domestic and foreign investors.

Tunisia Marble Blocks Extrct and Processing Units of Slabs

We have identified a marble quarry in Tunisia of unique colour and verities. Tunisia marble is famous in the world and of good quality.

A Small Scale Miner with a Mining Licence Looking for an Investor

My brother who is a small scale miner with a proper licence in southern Tanzania is looking for a partner to help with extraction of gold to the final stage.

Large Scale Retail Skid LPG Plant Investment In A Vast Moving

New setup of skid LPG gas plantInvestors to tap in the fast growing LPG market in Nigeria with a high turnover of 55% In first Year

Online Entertainment and Robotics for the Online Sectors

Unique patented system that lets users control live avatars from anywhere. We intend to hyper scale the product and create franchise opportunities.

Cooperation on Poultry Investment Opportunity in Nigeria for All In.

We are seeking investor/partnership for a Poultry Farming and Egg Production venture in Nigeria. Poultry farming and Egg production are highly profitable in Nigeria.

Seeking for Investor/Partnership in Agriculture Project in Nigeria

We are seeking for Investor/Partnership to commence commercial farming in growing crops or raising animals such as poultry, sheep, goat and cow.

We seek Investors or Partners for the Agricultural Date Plantation

We аре looking for investors to put money in our agricultural date palm plantation project in Namibia, the Maltahohe area. Viable project for export markets.

Build Sawdust Charcoal Briquette Production Plant in Cameroon.

This business plan considers the fulfilment of the project on fuel sawdust briquette production with the usage of modern briquetting technologies in Cameroon.

Making of Chandelier Lights, Pendants Lights and Wall Lights

Zambian construction sector is growing at a very fast rate which has triggered demand of lighting for both commercial and domestic.

Equity/Debt Investment Needed in Biogas Plant Project with 15% ROI

We are seeking Equity finance or Debt finance to fund our plant project. The plant will generate 6,242,308kg of biogas annually. 15% (Debt), 15% ROI (Equity finance).

Request financing of a Sudanese airline secured by Revenues, Assets

Request financing of a Sudanese airline secured by Revenues, Assets The aim of the $ 70- $ 100 million funding is to expand aircraft fleet and technical assistance.

Fast Moving Large Scale Retail Skid LPG Plant Investment

New setup of skid LPG gas plant. Investors to tap into the fast-growing LPG market in Nigeria with a high turnover of 55% In the first year.