Equity Investment (Kenya) Needed for Ballast Production With 60% ROI

• Ballast production with a 100 ton/hr plant targeting a new road bypass • Funding required for land, equipment purchase & installation • 49% shareholding for investor

Investment Needed for Inter-Country Coach Buses Transportation

We offer a very fast, affordable and comfortable means of transportation for long distance journeys between Gambia and neighbouring countries using 50-seater buses.

50 MW Solar Power Plant Investment in Tete, Mozambique with 30% ROI

We are in need of funding for a construction of a 50 MW Solar Power Plant in Tete, Mozambique with a good 30% return on investment.

Large Stock Genuine Diamonds Available for Sale in Ghana

We are a small but reputable business firm here in Ghana. We are currently looking for buyers for our in stock diamond.

Seeking for Investor/Partnership in Agriculture Project in Nigeria

We are seeking for Investor/Partnership to commence commercial farming in growing crops or raising animals such as poultry, sheep, goat and cow.

Equity Investment Needed in Beauty Hair Salon Business with 40% ROI

A full-service beauty salon dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction is seeking funding with a ROI of 40%.

Equity Investment Needed for a Logging Concession in Liberia

An investment in the amount of 1,100,000 is needed to expand the company and further operate a logging concession in Liberia.

A Multi-Vendor Marketplace Еcommerce Business Start-up (high profit)

Seeking US$25,000 to start a multi-vendor eCommerce business in Ghana. The investor will enjoy a 35% equity share or interest rate of 3.5%. Payback in 3 years.

Investment Needed for Building of Hostels and Hotel in Ho, Ghana

This is a great opportunity to build a hotel and hostels around the five newly constructed universities and health school in the Volta region of Ghana Ho.

Finance/Investor Needed for Crop Export, Poultry Business @ 40% ROI

We are looking for investors & finance to enable us increase our business into exporting items like Palm oil, Cassava, etc and also increase our production in poultry.

Gemstone Mine for Sale in Zambia With an Impressive Geo Survey Report

Gemstone mine with high grade Tourmaline in Zambia for sale. Located on a belt with potential for not online emeralds but other gemstones such as Tourmaline and Garnet.

Bank Documents Required- Short Term Investment - High Return Profit

Required Ghanaian native and live in Accra Ghana for handling transaction with confident and understand banking. It is short term investment.

Cooperation on Poultry Investment Opportunity in Nigeria for All In.

We are seeking for investor/partnership in poultry (frozen food) venture.Poultry business (manufacturer) is highly welcome and profitable.

A 670 - Hectare Copper Mine in Congo (Democratic Republic) for Sale

A 670-hectare copper mine in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) along with its Permanent Exploitation (PE) license is up for sale.

Investors Needed for Management and Buy-Outs of 2 Integrated Farms

We are looking for Investors to take-up management and buy-outs of 2 Nos profitably running integrated farms consisting of poultry, hatchery, soy-oil mill, etc

Equity Investment Needed in Granite Production Project with 60% ROI

*Granite production for local market at 50 tph targeted at the link road. *Funding reguired for equipment purchase and installation. *40% share holding by Investors.

Wildlife Investment Expanding in Existing Fruit Operation

Wildlife breeding in South Africa is reaching new heights with every auction and very few, if any investment currently utilized, create returns of this magnitude.

Investment Opportunity to Construct a Recreational Center

Provide a fun-filled experience to families. Funds will be used to purchase the proposed site, equipment, construction, to its first year of operation with 62% ROI.

Game Farm in Namibia - US$ 5.5million Investment Required

Business opportunity! I seek an investor that is willing to provide the project capital to enable the establishment of a game farm in Namibia.

Investment Opportunity - Orange River Alluvial Diamond Prospect

Alluvial diamond prospect available along Namibia’s Orange river with proven reserves of 17-Million tons of Diamondiferous material, set to deliver some 500 000 carats.