Looking For Investors to Grow Poultry Farming in Cameroon

I am looking for an investor who is ready to fund this poultry farming investment on percentage terms. The per capital daily intake averages of 24.6 grams protein.

Licensed Mass Media Company for sale in Seychelles

Licensed Mass Media Company for sale in Seychelles. Established in 2010. Great tool to promote your other business and services. For more info please contact us.

The Business Will be Centered at Trucking (Heavy Goods Haulage).

The business opportunity stems from the rapid economic growth taking place in the county which calls for larger fleet sizes.

Competitive Affordable Housing Project Seeks Seed Capital ,Ghana

Our company specialises in affordable housing. We have developed our own proprietary building technologies and specialised mortgage product.

Request For Debt Financing For a Real Estate Company With a 10% ROI

Real estate company and into construction of affordable housing units. We require funding for development of housing units. We proposed a return of 10% on investments

A College Registered in Kenya is Seeking Investment For Advertisement

An are an online College - a pioneer of this type of training in Africa .It is registered officially in Kenya. Free courses. We earn from certificate fees.

Request For Debt Financing For a Real Estate Company. ROI OF 10%

Real estate company and into construction of affordable housing units. We require funding for development of housing units. We will pay a return of 10% on investments.

Waste tire processing project / Thermolysis technology Plant

Recycling waste tire to Coke,Oil,Rubber crumbs,fiber,steel wire,gas. Purchase Thermolysis technology plant,land for construction,lab test equipments. Offer investor 20%.

Looking for an Investor in Gold Mining, Mine Located in Zimbabwe

I am the head of a mining family in Zimbabwe and we own a few mines and we can not fully operate on more than one mine, due to the economic limitations.

Setting Up a World Class Customised InterState Transport Company

I am planning to establish a World Class InterState Transport Company. I'm Seearching for a partner to support Financially

Investor Needed for Cashew Nuts Processing Plant for Export

The only one to-be CASHEW NUTS PROCESSING PLANT in W Africa and is highly demanded.We could buy the raw product of all W.Africa and process it.

Transportation Start up Project in Nigeria with 5 percent ROI

I am planning to start a passenger transport service from Lagos to Abuja and the rest of the states in Nigeria as there is insufficient supply of such services.

South African Entrepreneur Looking for a Loan to Buy a Petrol Station

I am looking to purchase an existing petrol filling station and I need funding for the acquisition. The net profit of the station is ZAR 100.000.00 plus.

Affordable Housing Project in Nigeria Seeking an Investment Partner

Real Estate company asking for support to deliver quality houses through their market expertise. Aim is to fill the gap by making affordable houses available.

Investment Project in Food Preservation and Rural Development

We have designed and developed a container that prevents insect and rampants reaching the food or drinks contained inside.

Unique Advertising Trailers Business Looking for Start-Up Funding

The business plans to revolutionize mobile trailer advertising to the limit and set a high standard for competitors. $200,000 USD are needed at the start-up stage.

Opportunity to Invest in South Africa's Financial Services Market

Experienced finance professionals aiming to establish a financial services business that would focus on purpose specific lending to the mass market.

Investment Opportunity in Alluvial Gold Mining in Liberia

The company promptly acquired the appropriate mining licenses to conduct gold exploration and exploitation within River Cess, Liberia.

Hospitality Company Willing to Construct Boutique Apartments in Kenya

A start-up company is looking to construct 28 serviced boutique apartments in Nairobi. US$1500000 has already been invested in the land acquisition.

Established Funeral Business Looking for Equity Partner to Expand

Partner is sought to invest capital, time and expertise to help the business conquer the lucrative Harare market. They are offered to share equity and profits.