Unique Alluvial Fair Trade Gold Mining JV Proposal from Argentina

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We represent a miners cooperative and foundation in Argentina looking for investments in a small-scale gold mining venture. Estimated production: 125/ton of ore per day.

A Geological study has been undertaken outlining a conservative estimate of 6mUS$ (at a rate of $1.400 per troy ounce).

A 3-year plan is proposed moving an estimated 125/ton of ore per day with the objective to leave the region in better condition then when first arriving.

A team of experienced geologist, hydrologists, biologists and environmental specialists will partake in the venture.

Projections for the preparation phase are US$104.500; Start-up expenses (including equipment and day-to-day operations) US$612.300; Annual Operating Expenses ca. 1.5mUS$

Additional data can be provided upon request and under NDA. Genuine investors can establish contact with us on Merar.com

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