High End Resort, Luxury Residence and Marble Exploitation

Exceptional business opportunity in the best pacific property in Nicaragua. High-end resort, luxury residence and marble exploitation in huge oceanfront lot.

Marble quarry in Nicaragua - unexploited quarry - 100% profit

280 acres of marble deposit for rent for exploitation (all extracted marble and profit goes to the investor). Virgin land, no installations, easy to extract.

Project of New Cement Plant in São Paulo State seeking for Investors

Equity funding is sought for the implementation of a new cement plant with capacity of 1.2 million tons per year in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

New Franchise of Healthy Fast Food to Be Established in Uruguay

We are looking for $55.000 to launch the 1st delivery & take away. In exchange of that amount of money, we are going to give away a 25% of the franchise.

Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Cartagena, Colombia

Opportunity to invest on a unique real estate deal which not only will operate an eco-friendly Bungalow Boutique hotel development.

Investment Opportunity in First Jet Boat Business in Colombia

Searching for an investor to participate in a very profitable new adventure and transport ride not yet seen in South America.