A Special Theme-Based Game Studio Is Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A start up game studio with special gaming themes is looking to raise US$5 million. If you believe in business potential of MENA and Arab culture and wish to know more about the project, please feel free to reach us here.

Considering the ever-growing global demand for the games and increasing investment opportunities in the global as well as Middle East & North Africa’s gaming industry, the project promoters intend to establish Invincible Ventures (Under Formation).

The proposed company will seek to encourage the growth of sustainable and productive businesses and economic infrastructure while achieving above-average returns for its shareholders.

The business objectives of the Company as proposed to be:
• To Develop and Publish Online Games
• To Promote Arab culture and values among the gaming community
• To Invest or acquire existing game developing and publishing companies
• To Establish strategic Joint ventures with established International game publishing companies
• To Act upon market gaps and develop comprehensive gaming solutions
With a strategic approach towards achieving growth, the promoters of the company envision capitalizing on the exponential growth experienced within the global Gaming industry.

The proposed company is expected to achieve its goals through developing game concepts focusing on the cultural values of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, as well as comprehensively identifying lucrative investment and acquisition opportunities across the world, with the aim of maximizing shareholders return on investment.

The proposed company Invincible Ventures has the distinction of being the first Game Studio in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Initially, the company intends to commence its business by developing and publishing smaller games for the growing smart phone games industry and plans for a gradual growth to social games platforms and to Computer games at a later stage.

Invincible Ventures is expected to be a Pan Arabian game studio focusing primarily on video games in Arabic and is expected to cater the MENA region and clients abroad who speak Arabic.

Competitive Advantage

Considering the opportunities in Middle east gaming markets, the promoter of Invincible Ventures intend to set up a game studio and game publishing company in the Kingdom of Bahrain at an estimated investment of US$5 million. The proposed company will be the first game studio in the Kingdom of Bahrain and will have access to the culture, heritage and gaming markets of the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

Use of financing

Investment Requirement
Investment Requisition (in USD)
Office Infrastructure 152,375
Technical Infrastructure 324,556
Business Set up expenses 23,850
Working Capital 4,507,719

Total Investment Envisaged 5,008,500

We propose to raise the required funds in the form of Equity only.

Opportunity for the investor

The company plans to raise additional capital through a private placement of its equity shares in the GCC region by the end of the 3rd year. The funds raised through private placement shall be utilized to invest in acquiring stakes in other game companies, to expand market reach and enhance market share in the GCC and world gaming market.

By the end of 5th profitable years of operation, the company intends to raise money through an Initial Public Offer (IPO) of its equity shares. The company’s shares will be listed in multiple stock exchanges across the GCC region.

Initial shareholders can liquidate their share holding either in the IPO or they could sell their stake in the secondary capital market.

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