Looking for Investor to Support the Production of Transport Diesel

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Investment Opportunity

I have had the latest technology of production of transporting diesel from waste hydrocarbon plastic with our fractional de-polymerization process.

The waste of plastic became big problem in my country. Now the landfills of waste fulfil here too. In several meeting with govt. give me the permission and ready to purchase 100% production of diesel. I am the CEO of a renewable energy company in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a most density-populated area in the World. The landfill TPD of Municipal Waste (MSW) including vegetative waste, medical waste is most available in here. The landfills of MSW Have had been filling since 20/30 years in here, now it is over flow. So the waste is throw everyday these makes our environment polluted.

On the other hand the shortage of electricity & Diesel are very high demand in Bangladesh. So now the government of Bangladesh wants to purchase from private company who are interest to establish by own management of Waste to Diesel & Waste to Energy 100% production s (Diesel & Electricity).

I have already made several meetings with the Ministry of Energy, Bangladesh. As the result of meeting now we can establish a large scale Waste to Diesel & Waste to Energy projects in Bangladesh. If we can arrange the technology and the full funding, then we will became preferred partner in a small % of share for all projects. If you agree to Joint Venture partner business in here, most welcome. Otherwise provide me as a consultant also welcome. Two options are open for you. Choose any of the options.

I am already completed business plan for all projects. But the problems the owner have no funds. If you agree with high ROI can funding our projects on a large basis.

If you are interested investor in this proposal, contact me on Merar,

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