Aluminium Caps Manufacturing Start-Up in Benin

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Benin Benin
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $120,000 / min. $120,000

Investment Opportunity

1.Aluminum caps manufacturing.2.Aluminum pp caps,Plastic caps.
3.For Registration and Others:20000(US Dollars)
4.Plant setup:10000(US Dollars)
5.Machinery:40000(US Dollars)
6.Working capital and raw materiel:50000(US Dollars). I have given the figures approximate only

We have good market in Benin, because at present there are no caps manufacturing plant. We also have four Indian liquor manufacturing units in Benin. They required this kind of caps regularly.

Presently they are getting from India or Nigeria, locally it’s not available. Except Indians there are many local manufactures of liquor and soft drinks and mineral water manufactures.

Business Goals and Objectives:
The business goals and objectives for this project will focus on Liquor, Soft drinks manufactures in Benin

- Improves product quality to lead the business successfully.
- Facilitates coordination and information sharing both internal and external to the participating organizations.
- Enhances the ability and effectiveness of staff to perform their jobs.
- Facilitates coordinated crime prevention and reduction.
- Provides high levels quality products.
- Should go with perfect plan to develop organization

So, they should prefer local availability of material.
Example: There are 4 liquor manufacturing units.
Each unit produces 10,000 carton of liquor
Each carton contend 12 bottles
12 bottles*10000 cartons=1, 20,000 caps required per month
1, 20,000 * 4 units = 4, 80,000 caps required per month
Present their buying cost of 1 cap is Rs= 3
Total turnover of 4 units are =4.80.000 * 3 = 1.44 cores
Our manufacturing cost of 1 cap is around =Rs2
Average margin on each cap is =Rs 1
Average monthly margin is = 4.80, 000* Rs.1=Rs 4, 80.000 thousand

For the calculation of average are taken by only 4 customers. We have nearly 10 customers in same place. Interested investors can establish contact with us on the Merar network.

Competitive Advantage

Within the next тwo years, we will become best suppliers of Aluminum caps manufacturing and to be expansion the business ahead in to printing and packaging.

Rationale for the deal

Aluminum pp caps manufacturing business is one of the best business opportunity in this competitive world. We offer to start this business in Benin; it is one of the West African country and neighboring country to Nigeria. “Cotonou” is the Commercial capital of BENIN. Many of Indian, Chinese are settled in Benin since two generations with successful business opportunities.

Use of financing

For registration and others: 20,000 (US Dollars)
Plant set up: 10,000 (US Dollars)
Machinery: 40,000 (US Dollars)
Working capital and raw materiel: 50,000 (US Dollars)

I have given the figures approximate only.

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