Botswana Cattle Artificial Breeding Facility with Embryo Transfer

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The venture will perform in-vitro fertilisation wand embryo transfer to produce elite breeds. Unique Biotechnology investment opportunity in Botswana.

Our company in Botswana is offering a comprehensive range of reproductive biotechnologies. Although most dairies and many beef operations are now utilising artificial insemination, there appears not to be a single company or clinic in the greater Botswana area which offers a full range of bovine-specific reproductive technologies and which can demonstrate a high or even sound success rate. Existing technicians in Botswana appear unable to boast a success rate similar to that which ART IVF currently has at its Australian locations (which can be in excess of 100 calves per cow per annum).

Cognisant of the demonstrated interest in and need for successful ART clinics in Botswana for bovine (and in the future other species) reproduction, this proposal presents a solid case for the establishment of a successful and professional ART IVF clinic and relevant services in Botswana through CREATE.

Competitive Advantage

There are no direct competitors at the moment except those who are providing artificial insemination. IVF is much better than artificial insemination because one is able to multiply a super breed within a short period of time. The competitors cannot copy my venture because it has some techniques that are impossible to replicate without being shown how to do it.

Rationale for the deal

Cattle industry is not doing well (low milk and beef quality) in the country so a better approach is needed to improve the production system. My venture has the solutions for that setback. the company will generate money from embryo transfer and selling of elite breeds from other countries and within the country.

Use of financing

The funding is needed to start-up the business for the first year only. The company needs a lot of funds to start which I cannot afford alone.

Opportunity for the investor

The overall loan is U$1000000 at an interest rate of 8%. The company should be able to pay it back within 5 years. Instalments will refer to different stages and milestones - lab building, lab equipment, operation and labour cost - so the investment schedule will on quarterly bases. Silent investor will be preferable.

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