Family Entertainment Centre Project in Botswana

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is about the establishment of a family entertainment centre. The centre will include bowling alley, ice rink, restaurant and bar, video games room and many other entertainment opportunities for people of all ages. Funding is required to purchase a building, renovate it and instal the rink and the bowling alley. We are offering 80% OWNERSHIP TO INVESTOR WITH BUY OUT OPTION IN 7 YEARS.

More precisely, the centre will consist of:
* Bowling alley
* Ice rink
* Restaurant and bar
* Arcade and video games room
* Karaoke lounge
* Function room
* Pro shop
* Laser tag

The centre will be a family based enteretainment centre where parents can bring their families to have fun and also have fun on their own. There is enough choice for activity for anyone including senior citizens.

The centre should start bringing ROI in the last quater of year two.

This will be the first centre of its kind in the country. Currenlty, the entertainment industry is limited, especiallly the family oriented segment.

The investor will be part of a revolutionary entetainment centre in Botswana. The investor will have to be hands on at the beginning and take part in all decisions.

With lack of entertainment in this country where poeple do not really have anywhere to pass time the convinience of this centre will definately bring a lot of people together and at last they will have something to do as a hobby. The function room will be used for parties, conferences and new product presentations, and will bring extra revenue.

The project is currently at infacy stage as I am working on the business plan. I am currenlty working on aquiring qoutation so that I can do qoutations.

Funding is needed for buying a plot, building the centre and installing the alley and the rink. Also a lot of training will be needed as there has never been a bussiness of this kind in Botswana and employees will not have experince in the industry.

Competitive Advantage

There is no direct competitor as there is no ice rink or bowling alley in Botswana. The indirect competioin we face is from the cinemas and an amusement park which is basiclly an outdoor centre providing ride.

Our advantage will be that our centre will cater for everyone from the youngest ones to youth, parents and senior citizens. We will also provide special rates for groups like civil society, corporate and school groups, and any other society. The centre will provide indoor activities and will close at 11pm.

Rationale for the deal

The opportunity is to start a centre that is the first of its kind and will definately be an atraction to residents of Gaborone and its surronuding areas. There will be fees charged per game for bowling and as for ice skating there will also be a fee charged for a four hour session. The karaoke lounge will charge an entrance fee and the confrence room will be hired at a fee. At off peak times in winter we will insulate the rink and use if as a banqueting hall.

There is no indication for other market players as ther is no such a centre.

Use of financing

Finance will be used to purchase a plot or an existing building which will be converted into the centre. The bulk of the money will be used to install the bowling alley and the rink while the other part of funding will be used for training and consulting services.

Looking for a venture capitalist loan with a buy out option after 5 years.

Opportunity for the investor

Overall loan amount is USD 400000,which will be paid in 10 years at interest rate of 7%. The investor will have 80% ownership at beginning and the founder will buy out shares from the investor every year cuntill they are equal partners.Investors can be hands on or silent but hands on is preffered.The investor will be involved in all stages ofnthe development.

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