Investment Project for Limpopo-Lipadi Game & Wilderness Reserve

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Limpopo-Lipadi primary objectives are to become a world class 32,400 hectare game and wilderness reserve, dedicated to the preservation of habitat and species of the Tuli Block of Botswana, and to contribute to the social benefits of the local communities in the area by providing both employment as well as contributing to community programs.

Our private game reserve has now reached a development stage where commercial income would provide us further exposure to facilitate the sale of shares to investors interested in nature conservation and social responsibility project in the eastern part of Botswana. We also need to pursue our expansion east to join a large transfrontier park, and participate in new breeding projects and reintroduction of endangered species on a larger scale.
Revenues will come from profit sharing on our commercial operations, but return on investment will essential come from capital appreciation (share valuation, land etc).

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Competitive Advantage

- Size (Big-5 compatible game reserve)
- Botswana (stable democracy, top destination for upmarket safaris in Africa)
- Freehold property (rare opportunity in Botswana)
- Private game reserve largely exclusive to its shareholders, hence unlike most nature reserves, commercial development is not critical to our sustainability.

Rationale for the deal

- Social Responsibility projects toward the local community in order to foster business opportunities and source food and materials locally. This is in line with the objective to eventually apply for UN biosphere status.
- Breeding projects of rare species like sable or roan antilopes (up to $20k per head), rhinos etc
- Purchasing land: Land valuation will go through the roof if/when we eventually join the Mapungubwe transfrontier park

Use of financing

As per above, starting with, and in increasing order of magnitude
- Commercial development (marketing, training)
- Community projects
- Breeding projects
- Expansion projects

We need a firm commitment from an institutional investor to accept a holding period of 3 years minimum.

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