Investors Sought for Small Hydro Plants and Thermal Plant

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

An energy and sanitation infrastructure holding is seeking investors for: 17 small hydro plants, one thermal power plant, ethanol production and water infrastructure.

Five Brazilian energy/infrastructure projects are offered to potential investors:
1) 5 Small Hydroelectric Power Plants in Mato Groso (MT) state, western Brazil: 99 MW; R$ 600 million; Operating since August 2010
2) 12 Small Hydroelectric Power Plants in Mato Groso (MT): 174 MW; R$ 957 million; Primary Project Finished
3) One Thermoelectric Power Plant in Santa Catarina (SC) state, southern Brazil: 400 MW; R$ 1500 million; Environmental license issued
4) Ethanol Production: R$ 2,000 million; Stand-by phase
5) Water supply, wastewater treatment and other sanitation activities.
Investments: Fulfilled Investments: R$ 150 million. Potential investment for the next three years: R$ 1.3 billion. Potential investment for 30 years: R$ 3.6 billion

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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