Food Service Business in Rio de Janeiro

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am posting this notice in the hope that a Business Investor would consider taking an interest in my company (consultant. events and training centre).

The company is currently developing a number of commercial deals but with a small structure a have to refuse must of the propositions
My budget is small, but my market knowledge and experience are big. I recognise however that I need to reach out to someone to partner me and offer SEO skills and investment of U$ 100.000,00 to change from a Mobile Operation system to a based established Business, with a solid structure, In change of 50% of the business.

The 2016 Olympic games are coming to Rio de Janeiro and will generate about US$40 Billion of investments. In addition, the 2014 World Cup (futebol/football/soccer) games are coming to Brazil as well as the Confederation games in 2013 and the Military World Games in 2011, all requiring investments.

Hospitality industry will grow quickly as both workers for the huge infrastructure projects ramp-up and as the sporting and special events arrive in Rio and Brazil over the next few years. The tourism industry will also flourish as the Brazilian government has completed their investment master plan for generating and sustaining the tourism sector in Rio and throughout the country.

Investors who want to receive more information about this investment project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

We are a step ahead of the completion because when we get to the client the number of services we offer in must of food services areas full fill the client’s needs, and the structure gives security of a good product, in Rio at the moment we only have privates companies with small structure offering only part of the job and a Government training institute SENAC, well-known in the market as Old Fashion.

Use of financing

• Base (Main Kitchen - Training area - Office)
• Equipment
• Transport
• Cash flow

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