First Universal Distance Translator is Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Producer of state-of-the-art Translator Pen is a brand new electronic product of global scale. The investors will see a ROI in year 2 of 35%.

The project Air Trans was started with the vision of creating a powerful range of high technology devices to be used by contemporary consumers in studying and using foreign languages.

AirTrans is a high-tech microprocessor device which translates texts (words and phrases) automatically from one language to another in non-contact mode without hand scanning directly through the air. It could be ease used by anyone, aged over 4 years.

Its unique action mode POINT AND TRANSLATE, ONE-MOVE TRANSLATION, directly through the air (2 centimeters away from the text) guarantees its usage is the most convenient and easy one possible; the process of photographing immovable graphical objects assures the most precise graphical information and thus the most secure translation.

The distraction, quick fatigue and boredom caused by using the traditional dictionaries, which are the main barriers in reading texts and learning foreign languages, are abolished for good. The possibility of learning several languages simultaneously which this High-End product assures real Success On Demand. It can translate printed text as well eBooks, tablets, and last generation smart phones, in other words it is a One-

For-All device.
Competitive Advantage
- AirTrans is the first and the sole universal translating device of its kind and action mode. The product is in its industrial phase and the effectiveness of the main solutions is proven. This ensures that its development, improvement and further refinement are easily achievable.

- There is a clear vision about developing models with production cost estimated at 40 Euros, which will be unrivaled on the global market in the long run in terms of the proportion between price and efficiency;

- In the contemporary globalizing world everyone needs to quickly learn languages with minimal efforts and costs. The good level of language communication is crucial for each person in this competitive environment and AirTrans is a means of achieving this goal which appears in a due course.

- Currently the need for this type of device worldwide is huge. 3000 languages are being actively used throughout the world. More specifically 400 million out of all 6.8 billion people in the world are native users of the English language. Most of the other (over 6 billion) would like to learn and use this language effectively and with minimal effort and costs.

Competitive Advantage

AirTrans would be a preferable, due solution;
- The AirTrans project was additionally surged in the last 1-2 years, with the emergence of the tablets, the eBooks and the last generation smart phones, as this is the only device in the world, which can read both printed text and texts on the displays of these electronic devices. Up to now these devices do not offer convenient translation options. After solving the problem of providing large amounts of information everywhere all the time, a further problem arises – how to easily and effectively translate this information. In this relation, the need for the AirTrans project, as well as its actuality is obvious for a very long period to come;

- AirTrans devices are open to development and refinement and there are options for further improvements of the technical and functional characteristics, towards adding sound to the translation, as well as improving the speed of translation and the number of dictionaries used. There could also be an option for using the voice recognition, the modern online technology for accessing larger language data bases and integrating the device with other devices, etc.

Rationale for the deal

Our device is being successfully sold on the domestic market. However, globalization requires every modern person to have good command of language and communication skills, so we do believe in the opportunities such devices could provide to a wide customer base all over the world. Because of its novelty, innovativeness and the fact that it matches the current requirements, the AirTrans project assures huge potential for its developers, producers and distributors worldwide. Currently the need for this type of device worldwide is huge. Most of nearly 7 billion people would like to learn and use languages easily and effectively. For all these people such a universal, effective and affordable device would be a preferable, due solution.

Use of financing

$75 000 for developing and creating new models
$100 000 for creating of new dictionaries for first biggest 20-2 5 languages
$175 000 for marketing in one linguistic territory with min 200 million consumers

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