We Offer 150 MW Wind Park at Development Stage for Sale in Bulgaria

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We offer a 150 MW Wind Park Project in Bulgaria. We own the land and the property servitude. We have all permissions required, including energy producing License.

We are a Bulgarian limited liability company that has developed a 150 MW Wind Park Project in South-Eastern Bulgaria. We have purchased the properties where the plant is to be built and obtained the rights to use them for the production of electrical energy.

The park is to be situated between the villages of Zornitsa and Kubadin, Sredets Municipality. It is meant to include 49 wind generators with a single power of 3,075 MW each or a total installed power of 150 MW.

• Feasibility Study of the Wind Park Project
• Detailed Organizational Plan for Regulation and Construction of the wind park
• Approval of the Detailed Organizational Plan for Regulation and Construction of the wind park by the Major of Sredets Municipality
• Resolution by the Commission for Agricultural Lands for converting the use of the agricultural lands for non-agricultural purposes, and confirming the properties where the Wind Park will be built.
• Formal stance of the National Electricity Company on the inclusion of the Wind Power Station to the national electricity network.
• Agreement by the local residents of Zornitsa village on the conversion of the purpose of agricultural lands and the development of a wind park.

The next step to follow is the actual construction of the park.

At the moment we are looking for an investor or buyer of the project.

Rationale for the deal

Project Parameters:

Required investment (€):230 000 000
Estimated Production (MWh): 474 565
Selling price of electricity (€/MWh): 474 565
Estimated income (€/year): 47 456 500
Energy index (Investment-€ / annual produced energy- MWh): 490.9
Return period in years (Investment-€ / Annual revenue-€ / year): 4.84

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking to sell the whole company which is created for the development of this particular project but we are open to other options as well.

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