Investment Project for M (1,2,3,4) - Deal Completed

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Direct Investment: $20 M, 6.5 MW Four Photovoltaic Energy Projects under the same umbrella in Southeastern European Union in approximate vicinity and completed documentation. Very lucrative ROI

6.5 MW Photovoltaic Electric Power Plant in Central Bulgaria

JV or Direct Investors
Project M (1, 2, 3, 4)

1. Introduction:

Project M (1, 2, 3, 4) seeks JV or/and Direct Investors to build a 6.5 MW Solar Energy Power Plant in Bulgaria. Four construction lots which are in close proximity that could be considered as one project are ready to accommodate the needed photovoltaic equipment, start generating solar energy and start selling such energy to a wholesale provider under already signed contracts. The project could be built at once or spread out in four stages: “at once” approach requires about $20M for equipment and installation of 6.8 MW Solar Power Plant and “in pieces” the minimum investment is about $3M for building the smallest construction lot of generating 0.850 MW solar energy. The Developer is providing free and clear title on the construction lots, the needed documentation for immediate startup of construction, and the project management. The Developer is giving negotiable share to the JV or Direct Investors of up to 70% in reflection of JV and/or Direct Investors percent of invested capital. The Developer accepts oversee by the JV and/or Investors representatives as far as the approved business plan and procedural plan is not being interrupted. The technical transactional and other financial procedures for the development to be disclosed under request by the JV and/or Direct Investors. The ROI of this project as “at once” or “in pieces” is so high that as an example the entire investment could be paid back in less then a year, even in 7 months full exploitation.

We would not dare to promote the vitality and Future of renewable energies because it is self explainable; THERE WOULD BE NO FUTURE WITHOUT RENEWABLE ENERGIES TO BE DEVELOPED AND EXPLOITED.

However in different parts of the World investing in such renewable energies is not treated in the same ways by the Governments and Financial Institutions: in some places the economic benefits prompted by purchasing energy prices, financing and tax brakes are very limited another places these are well adventitious for the developers; such place is the European Union in which there are well developed requirements to the Member Countries to boost renewable energies expansion by high energy purchasing prices, tax brakes and easier financing. Bulgaria as a EU Member comply with these general EU policies by requiring wholesale electric power providers to purchase renewable energy on about 0.60 USD when regular retail sales by them goes on about 0.20 USD, but even further Bulgaria still has relatively lower land prices, however the Bureaucracy in Bulgaria is still very heavy and getting all licenses and permits for re-zoning, governmental licensing and energy purchasing contracts is a very difficult procedure succeeded by a few: “as an example the Category 4 land was forbidden most recently by a law against rezoning”. Therefore, we consider high the success of rezoning and getting all the necessary permits and licenses of the M1, 2, 3, 4 Projects.

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