Investment Project for Sale of Mineral Water Facility

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The sale of a private mineral water bottling facility with a capacity of 30 million litres/annum and production of a locally branded energy drink.

25 year concession remaining.

«Benabra» JSC, with registered address in Plovdiv, has own capital in the amount of 753 000 leva, divided into 753 000 ordinary registered shares with a nominal value of 1 leva each. Each share provides one vote in the Shareholders General Assembly.

The special right of using mineral water from deposit “Bratzigovo” through well № 5 was granted to “Benabra” under a Concession Agreement for Mineral Water from 12.02.1999. The Agreement has a term of validity of 35 years from the date of its signature with a possibility of extension.

The concessionaire is provided with an exploitation resource amounting to 30 000 000 (thirty million) litres mineral water per year. The spring has additional capacity of providing a resource amounting to 33 000 000 litres mineral water per year, or the total exploitation resource of spring №5 is 63 000 000 /sixty three million/ litres per year.

According to leading experts, the mineral water from deposit “Bratzigovo” is the highest quality water extracted in the country. It has a low content of dissolved substances (M = 0,380 g/l), neutral to alkaline reaction (pH 7,0-7.7), with hydrocarbonate-sodium-silicate to hydrocarbonate-calcium-sodium composition and higher content of metasilicic acid (H2SiO3 = 64,5-73 mg/l). Its appearance is clear water with no colour, odour, or residue, and as for the taste, the water is light and easy to drink.
The water is appropriate for use both as everyday drinking water and for balneology and SPA therapy – taken internally, externally or as inhalation. It has positive influence on the digestive system, the biliary-liver system and the kidney excretory function, on skin diseases, ophthalmologic conditions and other diseases and conditions.

The low Fluorine content of 0,3 mg/l makes the mineral water „Bratzigovo” appropriate for regular consumption by all age groups, even by breast-fed babies and children below 7 .

№ Mineral spring Concessionaire Content of F
1 Bratzigovo (well 5) «Benabra» JSC 0.3
2 Devin (wells B 3 and B 5) “Devin” JSC 4.0
3 Hisar (well 5) BK “Hisar 90” 4.7
Source: APBNB.

The Company produces bottled natural mineral water, fizzy mineral water and soft drinks with mineral water. In September 2007, the Company launched the first energy drink with mineral water in Bulgaria - Bad Bull.

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