Invest in Nursing Homes for Elderly and Health Tourism in Bulgaria

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Company is registered in Bulgaria with its main activity being acquisition and management of properties and buildings for provision of social services.

Main focus of the business will be the development of Senior Care facilities.

The envisaged stages for developing the business are as follows:
1. Detailed design: As a first step in this direction will be the purchase of a building for which the company has issued the necessary licenses and developed a complete project documentation. The building area is 1800 square meters with terrain 2030 m2 with a capacity of 40 people, prepared and ideal for a home for old people.
2. Implementation of the business project.
3. Conceptual design: Purchase of second-accessible building with a total area 2000 square meters with adjacent area of 7900 m2 and buildings, with a capacity of 80 people, to be converted into a home for elderly people.
4. Repairs and up-gradation of the property according to business project.
5. Purchase of specialized medical equipment and furniture as well as construction of a specialized fleet small refrigerated truck, small bus, ambulance - specialized car for disabled people and others.
6. Design and construction of the terrestrial planning of adjacent areas of both buildings.

Rationale for the deal

Factors that justify the project include:
• Demographic trends resulting in increasing numbers of elderly population
• Lack of facilities for Senior Care
• Availability of properties suitable for Senior Care facilities after renovation

Opportunity for the investor

The company is looking for a business loan in order to implement its business plan. Interest rates and payment schedule are to be discussed privately with interested investors.

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