Sunset Resort Water-Park and Condo's, 5 Star Opportunity

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $8,000,000 / min. $100,000
  • Type of investment: Equity
Sunset Resort Water-Park and Condo's, 5 Star Opportunity

Investment Opportunity

We are seeking equity investors for the third phase of our award-winning five-star beach front development project by Sunset Resort, Pomorie, Bulgaria.

We are looking for up to € 8,000,000 for 50% of the company, with a minimum investment of €100,000. There is a projected 13% dividend per year from the water-park and 230% + ROI on the sale of the condo development and water-park (this is projected by the principal to happen in three years, we would advise investors that this could take up to a maximum of 5 years).

Phase 1 and 2 of Sunset Resort ( have been fully completed and sold out.

I can forward financial projections to interested parties.

Competitive Advantage

Top resort in Bulgaria and working with two large tour operators.

Use of financing

Completion of water-park and rough construction of the first block of condo's.
The water-park will be completed this year, as construction began in November 2014.

Opportunity for the investor

Equity investors will own a share of the company, that will produce a return from the water-park in 2016.

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