Over-The-Air SIM Card Provisioning Platform Project, Finance Needed

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $1,000,000 / min. $500,000

Investment Opportunity

We present the following investment project : Over-the-air SIM card provisioning platform is a middleware that is a must for all established and startup mobile operators. It allows smooth provisioning or new services that require SIM update over the air.

Product Information
The SIM Communication & Provisioning Platform provides complete solution for developing mobile services based on regular SIM or Motorola’s iSIM products by taking burden to adhere to cryptic GSM standards and allowing developers to focus on service they want to provide. Key features include:

• Over The Air (OTA) updates
Automatic update of iSIM applications without user interaction. Update process is compliant with GSM 03.48 and Global Platform standard and can be used on any SIM card.

• Provisioning and versioning
Communication platform keeps track on every iSIM along with all applications and services installed on it. Updating given application on one or several iSIM is just one click away from you.

• Secure messaging
Platform establishes secure channel for communication between service provider’s backend and iSIM applications. Security is based on industry strength proven GSM 03.48 standard.

Product is completely developed. It is in operational mode with Norwegian operator Tele2 and Service provider Bipper operating in Norway, Bulgaria and US.

Product has been developed in partnership Motorola Inc. under their strict quality and product development requirements. It has been stress tested by Motorola Labs as well as tests for open source code cleanness and usability.

Our project is very promising for a potential investor, it is a very promising investment opportunity.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Unique Selling Proposition
- In contrast to present competitors, Sirma Mobile’s SIM Communication & Provisioning Platform is focused on supporting multiple SIM vendors within the same MNO network at the same time. That would be a preferred choice for MNOs and MVNOs willing to shop for cheaper SIM cards and raise their ARPU;

- The solutions offers not only Remote Applet Management, but also external APIs to remote service and application providers – thus enabling the MNOs to deploy and integrate new services and features more quickly and with less efforts;

- Works not only with regular SIM card vendors, but also well adaptable to new alternative applications – multiple ID SIM cards and similar (for example Motorola iSIM).

Rationale for the deal

With more than over 500 MNO and MVNO target operators, and small closed group of conservative and expensive vendors the demand for affordable OTA platform is significant. Main solution vendors are SIM manufacturers that are not flexible both in terms of pricing, customizations and deployment time.
Since they are oriented toward bigger and richer operators forming a small fraction of total there addressible market there is a market window for smaller, more effective, more flexible and not necessary cheaper player.

Revenue is generated by the following streams:
- Licenses sold initially and by upgrade
- Professional services for integration support and development of new features in the platform
- Development of new SIM based applications or whole telecom end-user services, tarif plans etc based on SIM cards.

Keeping development services cost low with experise level high Sirma achieves high competitive advantage against established vendors.

Use of financing

Financing will be used for:
- International Business development
- Establihment of strategic alliances with Telco system integratiors,
- international marketing
- and direct sales to operators.

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