Thermarium in Sofia, Bulgaria

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The firm Bulconsult, possesses serious interest to realize this in the range for the city of Sofia unique project in very close future. An attractive arrangement with high health value and leisure potential should appear.

At which initial position do we look for at the moment, does Sofia need a Thermarium?

The city of Sofia has a need for a big leisure bath used all year round. A basis for this are internal analyses, information, poll results, newspaper reports, and the fact that there is no general outstanding bath offer in Sofia.

The Thermarium will be aligned supraregionally and possesses a catchment area of 120 kms and 3.5 million inhabitants. The offer is aimed, first of all, on day guests.

The planned Thermarium Sofia contrasts with the existing offer. It will become a "must see" attraction and the idea enjoys an outrider's position in Bulgaria.

What is the specific aim of the project?

The "big" aim of the project is to establish an excellent leisure product in the city of Sofia improving the quality of life in the city outstandingly. To reduce the need to catch up in urban infrastructure and activity of the city and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Who are the project initiators?

Bulconsult, Sofia/ BG

Investors can contact us on Merar to get more information and financials.

Competitive Advantage

The newly-created offer should contain a dynamic mix from experience, health and enjoyment. It will stand for:

- An attractive enjoyment and bath offer which is clean, safe, and never boring.
- The attention of the consumers is directed on optional and flexible use
- Relevant bath experience, people will go swimming again as part of their leisure program in Sofia
- The "health resort" of Sofia

The Thermarium Sofia should represent the leading bath offer in whole Bulgaria after establishment and differentiates itself by:

· Quality
· Service
· The best and most high-quality offer in the Sofia area
· Classic, modern and clear design
· Size and additional open spaces
· Leisure offer for all generations
· Attractive gastronomic offer
· Professional management and qualified assistants
· Good maintenance
· Professional marketing and sale
· Attractive offers and products
· Excellent price-performance relation

Rationale for the deal

Strategic aim: Preference of a bath visit to the shopping center

Does potential exist for a successful operation of the Thermarium Sofia?

From the analysis of the demands for an economically successful Thermarium in Sofia arises:

- Outstanding bather's potential: big catchment area in the large agglomeration of Sofia
- Existing coherent surfaces and exquisite position; approved by the city with enough existing technical infrastructure.
- Good legal and economic general conditions
- High creation of value potentials at social and integrative level

Use of financing

For a successful conversion, first of all, a clear structuralisation of the financing and the active participation of the separate project partners is essential.

How is the project financed?

Generally possibilities for a public conveyor insist in applying for financing. This can be within direct participation or whole promotion from the programs. Private investors can take over a part of the financing, and guarantee themselves thereby interests in the society or company to be created, with regard to participation in a PPP - model.

Other possibilities for private investors exist in applying for a publicly supported loan or to collaborate with international financial institutions to realize the project.

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