Investment in Leading Company in the Market of Used Car Parts

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Dismantles 400 cars per month. Total number of orders surpassing 12,000 per month. Double amount of dismantled cars per month. Profitable investment options.

The company Company was established in 2010 with the opening of its first commercial site. Three years later, in 2013, The company registered the name as a trade mark. The brand quickly gained popularity and became a market leader, helped by competitive prices, high level of service and quality assurance. During its first year of existence, the company managed to dismantle more than 3600 vehicles, providing more than 600 000 usable auto parts. In the same year, the company made a perspective investment, creating the biggest online shop for car parts in Bulgaria. In 2014, our website received the web award for the best e-commerce portal, which, according to IT specialists, has no analogue in the world.

The company buys and dismantles more than 400 cars per month, while the total number of orders surpassing 12,000 per month. These numbers prove once again the leading position of The company in the market of used car parts in Bulgaria. The company constantly opens new job positions in its three main warehouses and the first in the country “Centre for dismantling of cars". The company’s management invests heavily in improving the qualifications and training of the staff. Today, the company has established connections with more than 180 companies from all over the world.

Business with auto parts:
Trading with second hand car parts is called “Green car parts Trading”, because of the benefits these parts bring for protecting the environment. Using a certain car part till its very end of the life cycle plays an important role in improving the recycling and protecting the environment.
Buying a second-hand part saves a lot of energy and resources for producing a new one. At the same time, it extends the life cycle of the old cars. At present, more than 80% of all manufactured new cars include recycled components. The exclusive advantage of this business is that it offers the car owners parts which they can afford, saving them huge amounts of money per year. For all investors, this business can be a source of good profits. According to official statistics, the annual turnover of second hand auto parts in Bulgaria is more than 3 billion leva (1.5 billion EUR) and the company holds market leadership in the country.

Upcoming projects:
The company is planning to launch different language versions of its web platform, through which international customers would be able to easily shop car parts. In 2015, the company will open more than 80 store locations throughout the country, offering a wide range of new parts and car supplies. Another forthcoming opening is a centre for dismantling of buses, trucks and agricultural machinery.

Use of financing

We need financing to invest in double amount of dismantled cars per month from 400 to 800 - 9600 per year.

Opportunity for the investor

- Debt investment from 30 000 to 3 000 000 EUR
- Payback period 12 months
- Interest rate from 10% to 20%

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