Alluvial Diamond Recovery Project Seeking Equity Capital

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Alluvial diamond recovery project in Central Africa. Minimum monthly gross revenue is $18M. We need capital of $5M (in exchange for equity) to start production. Production can start in 6-8 weeks. $800,000 has been invested to date. Revenue starts from first day of production. Highly valuable resource. Highly experienced Country Manager on-site.

We have discovered a highly profitable basin of alluvial diamonds in Central Africa.

Our Mining Engineer, also a Geologist with 45 years’ experience, visited the Republic of Central Africa in 2005 and 2006 and so far we have invested approximately $800,000 to prove the viability of the project.

Test mining at specified sites has recovered an average of 200 cubic meters/hour @ 0.5 carats/cubic meter. Analysis proves that gross revenue is estimated to be $18,250,000 per month. Five-year mining leases with option to renew have been approved by the Government, however capital is required to finance a local operation, purchase equipment, appoint staff and commence operations.

A detailed plan is available to bona-fide investors.

The project has several distinct advantages over competing projects:

1) It is a very simple mechanized mining and extraction/recovery process requiring only semi-skilled labor.

2) It is being developed at a time when there is growing value in diamonds and in particular, the supply of rough diamond stones.

3) It has the potential to eclipse much larger operations simply because of the quantity and quality of stones recovered.

4) It is untouched by any mechanical recovery process, making greater recovery rates possible.

5) The 180 square mile area covered by the mining lease contains diamondiferous gravels throughout the lease boundaries, giving opportunities to expand the project.

Competitive Advantage

• Very low operating costs
• High returns
• Unskilled labor available close-by
• 36,500 carats/month

Rationale for the deal

We have already spent $800,000 in seat-up phase but require an additional $5,000,000 to get to production phase. We are prepared to swap equity for investment.

Investor can redeem outlays in first month of production.

Use of financing

To purchase capital equipment

Opportunity for the investor

We offer the investor an equity swap deal.

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