Start-Up of Magnetite Iron Ore Mining in Chile and Supply to China

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Project objective is to secure 20 Million MT of iron ore royalties, start mining of magnetite iron ore and sell 100,000MT per to China.

Our Group is an independent company, providing a fully integrated professional service for the mining, inspection, extractions, sampling and assaying of all metals and other minerals as well as financial solutions for different facets on mining development.

The Group, and an Iron Ore Mine in Chile are prepared to enter into a royalty agreement. After securing the agreement representatives of the Group will need to travel to/from/between New York and Chile to legally structure the business entities of each segment of the project including, organizing and implementing the appropriate companies in each of the respective countries as well as opening the proper financial accounts for the Iron Ore Mine project.

Competitive Advantage

Currently we have already 50,000mt at the port and it's being ready to ship so as you see profit and

Rationale for the deal

The below summary is pending a complete geological survey which may be obtained at the request of the investor, which could include but not limited to the survey of Hydrology, Baseline Data-Impact Assessment and Management Plan, Meteorology, Air Environment, Noise Levels, Land use Studies, Topography, Soil and Conservation Measures, Ecology, Afforestation, Socio-Economic Scenario, Occupational Patterns, Occupational Health, Environmental Management Plan, Noise Environment, Risk Assessment and Disaster Management Plan, and Environmental Monitoring.

Mine claim was granted on August 14, 2006. This mining claim is situated on 96 hectares in Atacama, Chile.

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