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Investment Opportunity

The company seeks investment to begin immediate development of copper ore processing plants in Northern Chile. Plan is to buy ore from small miners and process it into mineral concentrate for sale in Chile or for export. Company will produce concentrate equivalent of a middle size mining company without having to operate a mine.

Maray Basic Minerals, Inc. (“MBMC” or the “Company”) is seeking an initial investment of $30 million to begin immediate development of copper, silver and gold processing facilities in the mineral rich region of Northern Chile. The management team has identified a unique niche to serve the needs of hundreds of small miners who are too small to build their own processing facilities and to attract the attention of the major mining companies. Yet, these small miner needs and ore values represent an enormous financial opportunity to the Company and its investors.

The $30 million investment will be used to construct 4 small processing plants that should generate $13 million a year in net profits or a 40% ROI once they are up to full production which is anticipated to take two years. ROI on year 1 is expected to be around 20%. The investor position is negotiable based on investor needs and goals. Equity, convertible debt and future staged investment of both investor share of profits and additional equity investment for expansion are all possibilities the company is willing to discuss. The company intends to continue building up to 10 plants over the first three years of operations and expanding the capacity of each once the concept is proven and demonstrable.

Upon initial investment, the Company will be formed as a Vancouver, British Columbia corporation. The Company plans to capitalize on the large availability of copper ore in Chile and the lack of processing facilities to serve the numerous small to medium sized mining companies that operate in the Northern part of the country. To date the small and medium sized mining operation have been forced to process through government and private processing facilities that significantly delay and frequently underprice ores forcing these miners to take reduced revenue. The Company plans to transform this significant supply of raw ore into high value mineral concentrate for export or sale in the local market. These plants will be built in a modular manner to allow for rapid and efficient throughput increases as the business develops. The funds for expansion are expected to come from additional investment of another $70 million funded via a combination of equity, loans and/or reinvested revenue sources, over 24 to 36 months.

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