Investment Project for Fashion-Oriented SNS Community.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A fashion-oriented SNS community, the place where you can get a whole range of fashion garments, and share your experience with friends, or make notes on fashion trends.

Currently, tracing and showcasing fashion are the top priorities of VM. It has been operating for a year and already gathered a group of high-level users who are brave in self-presentation. Soon, our attention will be focused on the development of clothing matching competitions, microblogging, creating of groups (themes) and other options, which would perfect the SNS framework. Then, we’ll focus on fashion as a core function, and thus will create an appropriate platform for electronic commerce.

VM’s revenue will mainly come from advertising and electronic commerce. We will build up a community-based B2C and C2C platform, where… sell their objects or commodities easily. Moreover, VM will provide guarantees to third parties, and get relevant commission or rents.

At present, most of fashionable communities in Chinese market are in the form of BBS, which is technically outdated and limited and can not fully meet the needs of the consumers. While the concept of VM is based on Web 2.0 whose interface is easy, simple and user-centered where you can naturally make your own circle, show alternative styles and trends of the fashion world.

VM has a strong technical support, working in close contact with customers and helping them to obtain timely assistance in familiarizing with our site.

VM team consists of three members with different backgrounds: Sam (Su Xiangsheng), a software developer, Chen Yang, a famous fashion blogger and Liu Yiuen, a fashion designer. Sam is responsible for site development and operation; Chen Yang serves as a consultant and editor and Liu Iyuen is responsible for promoting of the site.

Fashion pursuers form large consumer group (till March 2010, the number of them has increased up to 86.86 million), but in China, the fashion industry is still in its infancy and brings great indication of a vast development potential. The goal of VM is to unite in itself with all people interested in the field of fashion.

Contact us on Merar if you are interested investors.

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