Investment Project for Documents/Files Management in China

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The software is an universal file (document) management software, support to the file attributes custom. It can unify and manage the documents of the local and the network URL path and share permissions with perfect function.
Our target are:
1. Free promotion to individual users;
2.To provide network information base rental services.

1.Summary of project information
"Lihe IMS(informations management system)" is an Universal document management software,it's a stand-alone developed by myself.(C/S mode).

For personal users,it can be used instead of "My document" in Windows system,and also manage files and unified Office documents,Image-text Informations and WAB etc.After the Website installs "Lihe Web service "(the service supplies "Lihe web data base"),you can use Internet settings to manage the "Lihe IMS",it is easy to use,to manage the local data base,and of course it has perfectly function of shared permission settings.
"Lihe web data base" can be used in place instead of Lan disks;it is much more easier to unify / manage local and web data.
For the enterprise users,"Lihe web data base" can helps them to set up a platform of sharing model for network information resources use.

2.Project progress
This software has completed Dev/Tested,can be installed and used.

At present,the popular personal document management software(single machine file manager), always stores files according to a directory,similar to Resource manager in Windows operating system,some of them added the extra features(like add remarks,attachments managers etc.),but they are really complicated for all users.So a lot of computer experts always suggest that there is no need to use software to manage personal files,and if you know how to control "My documents" and "Search" tool in Windows system,then it will be better than some file manager software.Because until now,there is no suitable file management software.
But if don't use software to manage documents,to set the new file,category control and inquiry/ would be very complicated to manage them as a system,and when files are excessive It would took a long time to search them in the catalog tree.

"Lihe" is different,it is a brand new software. I have created the new grading menu to instead of catalog tree to organize all factors to a completed file & document management system.
And,"Lihe" has a second brand new function(until now,there is no software that has this function):
(1)The database path in this software (it is called Database path in "Lihe")supports local path and network path(URL),so you can unify, manage local or web files.
(2)the data structures of documents can be edited(add properties),for example,add the "Author","Publishers","PPM" and so on.
More information reference in <<Lihe IMS-Design notes>>.

4.Marketing modes
(1)Provide "Lihe IMS" software for free,promote it (until now there is no similar software like Lihe,so this software can fill the gap).
(2)Make "Lihe web service" site and provide the "Lihe web database" rental service(this function is similar as a lan disk,but much more powerful than it).
(3)Looking for information vendors,and use "Lihe web database" as an information base,and preset their own web address on it(such like <<Computer Information>> and <<Stock market quotation>> etc.).
(4)Promote "Lihe web service" to the enterprises,and set up a sharing management platform in their intranets.
PS:The running cost of these marketing modes are just a little,but transmission is strong.

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