Investment Project for Mature, Stable and Profitable Webpage Games

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

R&D and operation of Internet games.

It goes without saying that webpage games have become the new growth point of the Internet economy. Research by Airui has shown that webpage games have the following distinct characteristics compared with relatively traditional MMOPRG games:

1. No client is needed, they can be played when the webpage is opened;
2. Low configuration requirements and strong performance;
3. Low system occupancy;
4. A strong degree of freedom for the game situation and time use;
5. Low development cost;
6. High openness, they can be based on the platform;
7. Suitable for strategy, simulation games.

Our webpage game project, is an innovative personal entertainment platform--Real Person Dinner RPG Webpage Game. In the game, boys can invite girls for dinner and girls can also invite boys for dinner, which requires the “Dinner Invitation Card”. After both agree, they can sit down to chat and eat in the game. The alliance organizations that cooperate with us are mainly composed of models, stars and air hostesses. We have a variety of mature and stable profit-earning models both online and offline, and we are seeking partner investors in order to grow faster and stronger. We need to raise at least 800,000 RMB Yuan: we have already invested tens of thousands of Yuan in the early production, and we’d like to cooperate with you through partnership.

This project is only intended for honest investors.

Contact us on Merar if you interested investor.

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