Investment Project for Online Booking System for Massage Services

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

To create a professional Booking Mall System for door-to-door massage services

• Target Customer: The urban, elite, white-collar workers / business-people who travel a lot, have high levels of working and life pressure with a huge demand for leisure, but cannot take benefit of expensive leisure services.

• Business Model:
1. Customers log in the website to reserve door-to-door massage services provided by franchised outlets and pay service fees after acceptance of services. The service platform and store shall share benefits of a successful transaction.
2. The owner of franchised outlets can release relevant service information through the platform.
3. The system can hold auctions for advertisements from the actual stores.
4. In the initial period, there is no charge for actual stores to franchise and release information, and for the customers to reserve services. In the later stage, when there are stable customer groups, franchise fees will be charged over the actual stores.

• Project advantages:

1. Convenience: Online reservation can be completed within 1 minute.
2. Safety: The final transaction shall be completed off-line and customers shall first get the service and pay after completion. There is no online financial risk and other policy risks are independent of the platform.
3. Preference: Multiple stores in the same city bid for the competition directly, thus providing more choices for customers. Customers can also evaluate the services.

4. Profession: Focusing on a specific market segment and providing specialized information services.
5. Comprehensiveness: You can reach similar stores in various cities over the country through login from a single website.

• Development status:
The team has been initially built, details of process design have been optimized, and negotiations with actual stores have started.

• Similar Companies:
1. Self-operating E-commerce model of physical store:
Zhuhai Yalan

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