First Game Gun Applicable to Computer Games is Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have invented the first game gun in the world that is applicable to computer games. We require funds to shorten the time to launch and promote the product.

The product patent has been approved and the product will come onto the market soon. The company is the first and only enterprise pursuing R & D and the manufacture of game guns. Our product is not only parallel to Microsoft’s KINECT and Nintendo’s WII, but also has more advantages than its counterparts. It can be used for online games, making it possible for millions of players all over the world to play with the game guns online simultaneously. The company owns the patent and the core technology.

Moulds for the product manufacture have been made and the product will come to market very soon.
Moreover, some dealers have guaranteed their expected sales volume: for the first generation of the product, they expect to realize RMB 10,000 Yuan in sales per month.

With reference to the sales of game players and peripherals in the current market, turnover will reach more than RMB 1 billion Yuan when all products have been completed.
However, restrained by inadequate capital, the project is making little progress; therefore, we are seeking capital to accelerate the marketing of the product and shorten the time for promotion. The amount of capital required is no less than RMB ten million Yuan.

All the designers and founders have a technical background and possess years of software and hardware development experience and are experts in the fields of structure, software and hardware related to the product development.

If you are an investors, please contact us on Merar.

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