Investment Project for Bar, Information Services and English Training

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

An opportunity exists for investment in 3 International style, Expat-English bars in Hefei, offering food, beverages, music and entertainment.

The focus is more like a Social and Business Club offering extra services; social activities, English training, business networking and promotions.

This is the initial stage of possible franchise

Expat-English is a wholly owned foreign enterprise which has been established to provide Entertainment, Information, services and support for
1. Foreigners in China, expatriates and visitors
2. Chinese locals wishing to communicate or trade with foreigners
3. Chinese preparing to travel, work/study abroad or immigrate

Expat-English will consist of 3 sections
*Expat-English Bars
Social and Business Network Venue
Agreements with Holiday Inn Hefei Downtown and other parties have been completed.
The first bar is scheduled to open before July.

* Ltd – English Forum
Social and Business Network for English Speakers.
This network has been in operation since 2005. Plans are to expand and develop the website's professional services.

*Expat-English Training
English Training and Education
This section will cater for the needs of Chinese to develop skills and opportunities to interact with foreigners.

Keys to Success
* HefeiExpat secures advertising and agency income.
* Expat bar maintains 3500 patrons spending an average of ¥50 totaling ¥350,000 per month.
* English training maintain 250 clients per month

The Market
There are 2 distinct markets for Expat-English services; Foreigners intending to conduct business in China and Chinese preparing to conduct business Internationally. Both markets are searching for social, business and training services.

The number of foreign expatriates and visitors is growing at an exponential rate with little slow-down evident until 2025 when Hefei’s population reaches 20,000,000. With the current focus on Technology and Development Areas in Hefei, the number of foreign companies establishing in the region is also growing steadily, as is the demand for a quality venue where patrons feel safe, relaxed and comfortable as well as provide service, food and entertainment they are familiar with.

The market growth in English Learning is also increasing rapidly, especially due to the rapid increase of foreign trade and the competition students face with in excess of 5 million graduates expected by 2012 coupled with the families’ higher disposable income and the need to secure their child’s future to secure their own. The number of students preparing to study abroad has reached record numbers, foreign countries have become reliant on this income source. China is implementing a strategy to entice foreign students to China by offering more courses in English.


Since the project was submitted, some decisions have been changed.

The main venue will now be at the Holiday Inn Hotel and we have combined the English training and Business Networking into one entity.

The initial start-up funding for the bar opening has been raised but expansion funding is still being sought.

Currently, the registration applications are being processed.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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