Investment Project for a Website for All People

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Investment Opportunity

A website for all people and companies in the cultural & creative industry. Now we run the site ".CN" for a Chinese site, and we'll run ".COM" for an international site after the first one is done well. Please visit our site.

The cultural & creative industry is now flourish in China that many provinces or cities are making more effort on it. We can see much more new every day in this industry. But there's no site to gather information about people, companies, trainings and so on for people in this industry. What we do is a professional site on cultural & creative industry.

1.Parts: news, viewpoint, policy, show of good works, original works, jobs, tips for creative workers or students, gathering of company, school, training, studio, etc.

2.Profit: ads, paid gathering platform, head-hunting, offline activities, etc.

3.Finance: for the 2st year, we need about 1,000,000 RMB. It's for the cost of domain name, server, marketing, rent & employees (management, technical group, editing group, marketing group, sales group, financial, etc.).

4.Team: we're all in our twenties and graduated from Communication University of China. The technical person is good at TV broadcasting technology & Internet knowledge. The leading person is a girl who used to be assistant of a president, she's good at organization and coordination especially human-based management. And there're several hard-working part-time editors. We're all good guys and we're doing hard to realize our dream.

If you are interested investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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