An App Through Which Connecting With People Has Never Been That Easy

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: China China
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $266,000 / min. $50,000
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

We provide our customers with a simplified or customized way to design their business/personal /name cards in just 2-5 minutes. Finish the era of paper cards.

Excited about universities and having your own customized Name(Personal) Card, and easily get in touch with new friends, your professors and school staffs. Tired of loseasy to login and access on any IOS and play stores smartphones or laptops. 
•Registration process is smooth and simple even for non technology fans. And many advanced options for lovers of designs and technology.
•Carry your Name, Personal & Business Cards everywhere you go around the globe. No necessarily  during exhibitions or meet & great or welcome parties.
•It automatically saves the contacts card directly to your phone. No need for an extra time saving the phone numbers and emails.
•You will never run out of cards to give out.(especially business people).
•Cuts the cost of paying for the paper Cards. Especially fees for those who have to make 2 cards.
•Automatically arrange the Cards in your option order. As such much time is saved in trying to arranged them in a booklet or anywhere else.
•You can easily send your business card directly through email . Which can be printed by anyone for the traditional lovers of the paper type cards.        ing your Business Cards holders, being at fairs and suddenly run out of Cards to give to future business partners, well here is something that would make you feel more secure and less worried about the above mentioned.
The app is here to eleminate all those problems. the APP would contain and keep all your Cards informations Private for decades to come.
It is programmed to easily design a quick and simple Name or Business Card in less than 60 seconds after you filled in your information. The APP would also provide a customized option to its users depending on how they wish their Cards to look like. More specific and diversified options to its users preference and that would be done in 3-5 minutes max. It would enable all its users both personals and business to include any socail media name or ID they wish to share with friends or business partners. As such u would be able to directly get in touch with them on any social media they provide.

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