CLN, a SNS Platform for Consulting Professionals

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: China China
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $1,000,000 / min. $200,000
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

CLN is a SNS platform for consulting professionals. It creates cooperation through mutual client referral and resource exchange to consistently develop business opportunities and bring new clients for each member.

Restricted target members are consulting professionals whose are having various service/project demands from clientele which they need to attract and work close together with. CLN is to bring new clients for these members by mutual client referral and resource exchange. General target members are everybody. CLN is to concentrate various social demands for consulting professionals, create new clients for our members, and eventually become a full range service-outsourcing platform in the entire consulting area.

Client Referral: CLN enables client-referral between members pertaining to their respective service field to serve their clients more effectively and cost-efficiently.
Project Cooperation: Keep members updated on project resources from clientele.
Resource Concentration & Service outsourcing: CLN allows everybody to spread business resources and to create new clients for the registered members.
Business Partners: Create/maintain business associates in their business practice.
China-related Business: Facilitate foreigner members to penetrate into China market.

SNS: CLN promotes B2B cooperation through talk, mail, share, follow, forward, comment, invite, join and other full standard SNS functions;
Biz Resource Microblog: to exchange biz resources via microblog technology;
Event & topic blog: members to post professional topics, announce meetings and job vacancies;
Marketplace: enable members to sell and market their consulting or service products;
File download: enable members to upload and sell their consulting documents;
Group purchase: enable members to initiate group purchases of service products;
Follower & Inpartner: enable members to create/maintain their CLN biz partner circle;
CPN: CPN as a biz association composed of VIP members, direct benefit from CLN;
Panel: enable members in same service area to work together trans-regionally;
Outpartner: enable members to create/maintain their non CLN biz partner circle;
Marketing Data: a marketing function by import target customers’ mail/cellphone list;
Group message: provide a marketing tool by group inmail, email, sms, fax;
Newsgroup: Subscriber to post/spread biz resources by email, SMS and IM system.

CPN annual fee (association model): usually 800-2000/y for members;
Service outsourcing commission (ctrip model): usually 15% from service provider;
Project brokerage commission (ctrip model): usually 3% from bilateral;
Member online consuming: online biz contact and other SNS function consume;
Member marketing consuming: online group email, group SMS and group fax, etc.;
Member cash recharge: pre-payment deposit income of CLN members;
Web marketplace (taobao model): commission on member’s service product sale;
File download income (taobao model): commission on member’s e-document sale;
Offline event income: from hosting or sponsoring various business events;
Future income: SNS function, online consume & newsgroup upgrade, virtual company, CLN info magazine, traffic-related and other add-value service incomes.

Online sector: SNS automatic marketing; friend invitation; marketing data group mailing; newsgroup subscribing; inner incentive marketing, etc.
Offline sector: offline sales, customer service, public event and private meeting marketing; CLN info magazine and cooperation channel promotion, etc.

Competitive Advantage

There is no similar project and strong competitor in current marketplace. CLN uses online SNS function to promote offline business cooperation between members, which makes it unique and creates an incomparable competitive advantage over other SNS websites.

Use of financing

1. Web upgrade: various SNS functions, group mailing & spread marketing etc.;

2. Sales/service upgrade: setup sales and custom service team to promote profitable projects by offline direct selling (We could gather more than USD 200,000 profit in the first fiscal year for sales of CPN membership only);

3. Media upgrade: newsgroup publishing, CLN info magazine & adv promotion.

Opportunity for the investor

10. 2012-10. 2013: using 1st angel investment to fully upgrade technology, quickly increase web traffic/income/profit;

10. 2013-: using 2nd venture capital to enter IPO stage, to finish IPO in year 2016-2017.

We will bring 100 times return to investors in the next 3-5 years.

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