The Manufacturing of Medical Devices

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: China China
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $200,000 / min. $150,000

Investment Opportunity

We mainly manufacture and sell various types of electrical operation beds and mechanical operation beds (Category I and Category II), as well as various medical devices for hospital beds. We now have products which passed the clinical tests and finished product inspection of the 20th Branch of Tianjin Municipal Quality Supervision and Inspection St.

Regarding the project, we have a very mature technical strength and have manufactured very useful operation beds for hospitals, as well as our main products. The operation beds are divided into two categories: electrical operation beds and mechanical operation beds. The two categories are divided into eight types, which are widely favored and recognized in various large, middle and small sized hospitals all over China. Our other products include three series as double-shake and two-fold healthcare beds, ophthalmological healthcare beds, and stretch beds, which have been put into the market for sale. The double-shake and two-fold healthcare beds and the stretch beds are designed for ordinary people, with the aim of being used in the home. The ophthalmological healthcare beds have been successfully used in the Dezhou People’s Hospital in the Shandong Province. All three beds are recognized by both ordinary people and medical institutions. Moreover, we are now carrying out the development of new products (handling operation beds), and with these new products, the labor load of doctors and nurses in the operation theaters in various hospitals will be changed. Meaning that previously the patient was carried by many people to the operation theater, but when this product is used in the hospital, this old-fashioned practice will be changed, reducing the required labor of doctors and nurses by several times. We also have the technologies and designs to manufacture various medical devices, and with our strong technical strength, we can adapt to the various changes in the medical industry. Among our company employees, the research and development personnel account for 50%, and all are innovative with vast experience, so our human resources can be reduced and the economic benefits of the enterprise can be increased.

The electrical operation bed project has passed the inspection of the Tianjin 20 Inspection Center (a State Inspection Institute), and is well recognized as a first-rate bed with the most advanced technology among similar products in China. As one product integrating various functions, this operation bed can be used for many purposes: it can be combined into a surgery operation bed, an intervention operation bed and an orthopedic operation bed. This operation bed can also be used as an ideal operation bed for the C-shaped arm X-Ray machine. When the overall height of the operation bed is reduced, it can be used as an operation bed for the ophthalmological department and the brain surgery department. The motors and the main mechanical parts used for the operation bed are imported from foreign countries, with reliable quality. It can be controlled by both manual switches and foot switches for easy operation by the operators. After a power failure, the operation bed can continue to work for 5-10 motions so as to complete the operation. When fixing the operation bed to the floor, an outward pull support is used to replace the floor support, so that the operation bed is easy to install and stable in use. The integrated PVC board for low X-Ray absorption can maximize the effective image examination bed area and give clear image quality.

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