Investment Project for Aerial Photography Service in China

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The company is mainly engaged in business activities such as advertisement, mass media and aerial photography. The side businesses include print advertising, web design.

Print advertising, web design and interactive design belong to the traditional advertising media industry; however, the hi-tech unmanned aerial photography has a broad application space. According to the survey, aerial photography can be widely used for advertising media, real estate presentation, panoramic photography of corporations and plants, film shooting, tourism photography, photography for city images, site photography for weddings, geological exploration, site inspection and the supervision of important facilities such as key state highways, piping and disaster relief.

At present, AD’s business volume is increasing rapidly in China. However, limited by the conditions of the country, AD and other medium businesses are largely confined to relatively traditional printing. In view of the current situation, many large-scale companies with strong economic strength adopt aerial photography to display their images or products using 3D, which results in extraordinary responses. Aerial photography also plays a decisive role in public-service activities such as disaster relief, geological exploration and site inspection.

The company enters the market relying on its various technical advantages and characteristics. Its business patterns include temporary services and long-term contracts, and the clients are mostly from companies, governments, scenic/tourist spots and media. In addition, the company also offers services to the private sector. The all-in-one service package (from shooting and post-production to finished film) allows the clients to get everything they need from the company. Even in similar companies in other large cities, this kind of service is not available.

The company will develop its business all over the country and use the Internet and traditional sales modes for marketing. The company will begin with regional business marketing by cooperating with local governments, influential companies, scenic spots and plants in southwest China.

[Note: the company mainly aims to cooperate with large, domestic media companies such as Boray, Huayi Bros. Media Group and Hai Run Movie & TV.]

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