Invesment Project for an Unmanned Aviation Industrial Chain

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Based on its own merits and components, through aerial photography hardware and software, the Company is extending its Internet-related product line.

Business Model
The business model of the Company is to provide the copyright for photography works (scenic spots, etc.) to users, media companies, netizens and so on through online video sites, and mobile wireless services similar to Apple’s App Store. These works are acquired using the Company’s own unmanned aerial photography equipment.

The main idea is to use the photographic products for the reuse of resources and show scenic areas through high-definition video to make profit. The main pattern is to show the photos and video from the resources through online video on travel websites for a series of business operations.

The business model of the Company is to shoot scenic areas using the unmanned aerial photography instruments and provide the works with their appreciative values through professional video travel websites, to run a mobile wireless business through application programs in video stores and to sell the copyrights to customers, media companies and netizens (professional travel and scenery websites, media firms and mobile multimedia suppliers) as content suppliers. We will charge fees for shooting the photographic works in scenic areas (shooting party).
Print ads, web design, interaction design, video production and outdoor advertising all belong to the traditional advertising media industry, while unmanned aerial photography, on the other hand, is a high-end technology which covers a wide business scope. According to surveys, this line of business is mainly used in the advertising media sector, for building real estate exhibitions for real estate companies, for the panoramic photography of enterprises and factories, film shooting, the photographing of tourist areas, city image shooting, wedding filming, exploration, line patrolling and the supervision of important facilities along the main roads and pipelines of the country as an anti-danger, anti-disaster measure and so on.

At present, the amount of advertising is rapidly increasing, but due to the limits of the conditions of home print ads they still play the dominant role in advertising and media. From a development perspective trend, many strong and powerful companies choose to use aerial photography and 3D technology to show a panoramic view of their images or products, and the reaction is extraordinary. This photography also plays an important role in public services like danger and disaster fighting, exploration, and line patrolling.

Relying on its various technological advantages and characteristics, the Company has entered the market by retailing and signing long-term contracts. The sectors it is faced with are mainly enterprises, governments, tourist areas and media and it also deals with individuals. The Company provides a one-stop service, which means that the customer can achieve shooting, post production and final end products within the Company. The Company is unique in its offering in first-tier cities; no other company provides this type of service.

For the overall Company development, we’ll cover more sectors in the aviation area, such as meteorological detection, exploration, public service activities and other services.

Additional Services:
Professional video travel websites
The Company provides the video materials directly to users browsing through websites via the network video travel website it operates. These traveling resou

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