Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Cartagena, Colombia

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Colombia Colombia
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $8,100,000 / min. $4,000,000
  • ROI: 43% in 1 years
  • Type of investment: Equity
Picture of the Beach

Investment Opportunity

Opportunity to invest on a unique real estate deal which not only will operate an eco-friendly Bungalow Boutique hotel development.

Opportunity to invest on a unique real estate deal which not only will operate an eco-friendly Bungalow Boutique hotel development among tropical gardens and theme pools and cascades but also will include a very popular and profitable concept in Cartagena called here The Day Pass, which we will incorporate the first Night Pass with the opening of the only beach Night Club on a fantastic stretch of white sand and crystal blue waters and all of these only minutes by boat from the famous city Amurallada.

Experienced builder and developer is looking for a capital partner to develop a very unique hotel and night club site in a spectacular piece of land consisting of 10 acres in two levels with 350 meters of beach and amazing views of the open ocean where the hotel rooms will be located. The site is very special because of its natural beauty with the beach ending on both sides of the property, natural caves, crystal waters, a very favorable geometry, natural reefs and what is yet most important its proximity to Cartagena, Colombia; about 15 minutes by boat.

Cartagena is the fastest growing city in Colombia due to its warm weather all year round, its history, beaches, conventions, location, the great old city and its architecture and its friendly people. Last year just the cruise industry alone brought almost 500,000 visitors from all over the world in only a 6 month period, a 20% growth over the previous year.

Large hotel chains like the Hyatt, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Hamptons by Hilton and others are presently building large hotel complexes in Cartagena combining them with condominiums and malls. Cartagena has 3 large main islands ranging in distance from 20 minutes to a two hour boat ride from the city but only a hand full of them have hotels worth visiting and is this precisely what the new hotel project will take advantage of because of its ideal and closer location to the city, its beauty, operation concept which combines a unique tropical hotel with theme pools and Jacuzzis, its white beach, new and unique activities, the kids amenities, the day pass and the all new Night Pass with the most exciting and tropical night club to hit Cartagena to which access will be only via our fast jet boat or other marine means. The hotel will target people of all ages since it will have something for everybody with its children playgrounds, adventure areas, its pristine beaches, tropical gardens and waterfalls for relaxation and enjoyment and its magnificent night club for the more adventures international partying crowd to either resemble “Nikki Beach” or be associated with it.

The development could be ready to start construction within a few short months of entering into an agreement with the working partner, the land owner and all government agencies involved. The estimated time for construction is 12 months based on the vast experienced of the working partner in this field. One story buildings plus terraces is what is allowed and up to 10% coverage of the total 40,000 square meters or about 120 bungalow suites in total, although phase one as is planed will consist of 65 rooms and all the amenities of the hotel and night club at the beach level.

The funding needs will vary according to how many rooms or bungalows will be built at once and if the land owner is permitted to participate in the deal or will be bought out. For budgeting purposes the first phase will have 65 rooms and the land is being purchased at $1,500,000. The construction cost will be $6,600,000 and this capital investment which will be need it monthly according to the construction progresses and corresponding inspections.

What is being offered to the investor is 100% of the deal until he is repaid in a monthly basis all his original investment plus interest which will occur in 3 years or less from the opening date of the hotel. The working partner will oversee all the construction and developing phases of the project and ones operational will manage the day to day operations of the business for a fixed fee. Once all this has taken place the working partner will be entitled to 25% of the deal plus his salary for running the operation; the investor and his representatives will have all the input and checks into the development and the business as he desires or feels comfortable with.

Colombia is offering 30 years of tax free income for new hotels built, remodel or permitted before 2017 when this incentive will end.

Competitive Advantage

The hotel will be unique in its concept, managment team, architectural design, location, service, amenities and closeness to the city which will give it a very strong competitive advantage.

Use of financing

The capital will be used to purchase the land and build all the infrastructure of the hotel.

Opportunity for the investor

The capital investor will have a very profitable investment with a 43% ROI the first year while using only 50% of the buildable land available in one of the last great pieces of real estate left in the area, in a country and city that have attracted the major hotel industry players, at the right time and with an honest hard working and smart partner who has innovative ideas and knows how to bring them to reality and if this was not enough lets throw in the deal 30 years of “0” income tax which is really unheard off.

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