Mining. Huge Diamond Field of 360 Carre. (1 carre is 72 ha3). Proven

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Kingdom in Congo (Kasai area) owns land the seize of Belgium with enormous resources (diamonds, gold, rare metals etc.). First diamond mine is open pit on 80 meters deep. Cooperation is made with mining engineers from South Africa. Air report is of existing field. Start up investment with direct sales of rough diamonds within 6 months. Sales network is available.

Start up investment with direct sales of rough diamonds within 6 months. Sales network available with sales in Mumbai, Antwerp, Canada/USA.

The investment will be used for equipment, staff from mining engineering company plus local staff, setting up distribution network, transportation, security.

Return of investment is 100% in the first year. Cooperation and investment participation for longer period can be part of our working together. Also buying of shares up to 49%.

Competitive Advantage

We are the first private miner in Congo. There is only state owned company and some foreign companies.

Diamond mining companies from al over the world want to come in but have no contacts for entering. We own land.

Officially with enormous resources. Start up with first diamond mine which cannot be mined within life time. Longer term cooperation isvery interesting. Billions of USD can be earned within few years. High monthly output and earnings.

Very safe. Strong relation with the government. Family is one of the most important families in Congo

Rationale for the deal

We can submit official documents of the state of Congo for ownership and coordinates for the mines so that existence can be checked of diamond field.

Use of financing

Interested parties can be invited in Congo or first meeting in own place. Planning to use the month of November for building up relation. End of December is a large cooperation meeting planned with celebrations. Be invited for long term partnership.

Strong demand for diamonds in the world. Sales of rough diamonds as a start. Network of diamond polishers in Antwerp, Tel Aviv and Mumbai. Having own diamond brand is end goal with sales on every continent. Be invited.
Documents can be get on request.

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