Mineral-Rich Bottled & Bulk Water For Export(10% ROI/ year)

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

There is an emerging market for the export of fresh bulk water from Dominica to water-deficit countries in need of fresh water, principally for potable use. At the same time, the bottled water industry is the fastest-growing segment.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is widely regarded as the Nature Island among the Caribbean Island States. Dominica is also unique in that “Mother Nature” blessed it with abundance of water. As many as eighty rivers pour out along the east and west coastlines of Dominica to the Caribbean Sea, nine of which are regarded as major rivers. The many tributaries that comprise these rivers have given rise to the calling Dominica "The Land of 365 Rivers”.

Dominica's spring and vitamin flavored water comply with its established brand name as Nature Island of the Caribbean. This image is due to Dominica's its eco tourism, its proud history of conservation of the natural environment, its many forest reserves, national parks, and marine parks. Furthermore, it facilitates the marketing of such products.

Competitive Advantage

So far there are no players in the segment.

Rationale for the deal

As mentioned, the bottled water industry is the fastest growing segment, and there is an emerging market for the export of fresh bulk water from Dominica to water-deficit countries.
The demand is already higher with about 50,000 bottled water sold daily both locally and externally.

Use of financing

Fincancing is required to enable the company:
* Build the infrastructural requirements for the bulk water export;
* Develop additional spring, ground water and surface water bottling operations for export.

Desired installments are $100,000; $100,000; $50,000.

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