24 opportunities

Investment Opportunities in North and Central America

We will wish to invest in any viable projects that requires funding

We will wish to invest in any viable projects that your company requires funding from 1-50M USD. You can send executive summary for evaluation.

Removing Barriers to Entry into the Cryptocurrency Space

We are tackling consumers' barriers to entry into the $200B+ USD cryptocurrency space. Our plan makes acquiring cryptocurrency as simple as purchasing a calling card.

Gold Mining Business in 45 Days Upon Your Company Registration

This is a straightforward, integrated and turnkey business program that helps the client to start in gold mining production within 45 days.

Acquisition of Trucks with Oil & Gas Contracts 200% Annual Return

We will sell you a semi truck, oil & gas contract along with complete management services. You simply invest and receive monthly payments of the net profit.

Investment Opportunity in Apple Related Product with Huge Royalties

I have invented a product that has the potential to disrupt a $3 Billion dollar industry. I have invested about US$350,000 and now need an investment to move forward.

Hotel/Inn with Restaurant and Spa in New Brunswick Looking to Sell

A hotel/inn with recreational facilities located on 10 acres of beautiful landscaped property in New Brunswick, Canada. It offers rooms, food services pool and spa.

Technological Project Seeks Funding for Marketing Purposes

With over 3 years of technology development, our company is now ready to implement its marketing plan to reach large commercial operations and small individual growers.

Media Company Seeking Funding to Start an Online Streaming Channel

An established media company is seeking expansion wordlwide with the need to create an online business like Netflix with potential of a 500 m turnover eventually.

Investment Opportunity in the Agriculture Sector from Canada

Canadian entrepreneur seeking debt or equity funding to launch a commercialization site for by-products in Ontario. Loan Amount: $11.5M. Payback Period: 10-15 years.

Containerized Sugar Operation Seeks JV Partner/Financial Guarantee

Our company seeks a JV partner willing to provide a financial guarantee of $6.625 million to enable a containerized sugar operation to commence in South America.

Rough Diamond Manufacturing Facility on the West Coast of the USA

Investors can invest 100k min participation for 1% of the company for a total of 49%. $2.8 million are needed for equipment and real estate and start-up costs.

Major Television Series Project from Canada Seeks Funding

This television series needs start-up funding in order to begin filming the pilot episode. The comedy series have already gotten the script, actors and props.

Indoor Sports Facility and Sports League Investment Opportunity

Funding will be used for land acquisition and two phases of construction. Investors will get 47% percent (negotiable) as well as interest on the investment.

Invest in Jivani Stame - A Game Fostering High School Success

The total investment for this project (JS) is $55,000 and the expected return after 1.5 years is $259,000, which without taxes is 350% profit.

Looking for Equity Investment to Expand Existing Farming Business

A vegetable farm was established in July 2009 following the need and lack of supply of fresh produce in the American and Canadian market.

Hip Hop Spring Break Concert with 2 US Top Music Artists. 100% ROI

Funds will secure artist travel, lodging, venue, promotions, and deposits. Seats are 9k. We seek investment of 180k to return 360k 24hrs after event.

Public Offering for Gold Mining Activities through Reverse Take-Over

As a Swiss-Canadian group and established company we own concessions of gold with an estimated value of >$250 M and cost per ounce price of less than $600.00.

Mining Start-up Looking for Equity Investment to Produce Gold Bars

The project seeks to raise $25,000,000 for the above operations. The potential goldmine site has an owner who is looking to sell a 49% stake in the business.

Sophisticated Investors Needed: Private Party Real Estate

Individual with more than a decade of success operating within the Private R.E. Lending arena seeks accredited investors.

Limousine/ Casino Bus Service Based in Philadelphia, PA

This a proposal about a Limousine/ Casino Bus Service that will provide the best transportation for Atlantic City and Pennsylvania gamblers.