Major Opportuninty in Granite Cutting & Polishing in Aswan, Egypt

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Partnership offer in a very profitable project with huge market in Egypt, Europe and the rest of the world. The location is perfect regarding raw material and exporting.

We offer partnership in new Granite finishing and cutting factory located in Aswan, few kilometers from one of the biggest reserves of best quality Granite in the world. The location is connected to the entire Egypt with trail asphalt roads and is close to Aswan international airport, as well as to seaports serving as a gate to the African and world wide markets.

Competitive Advantage

We have acquired 4000m³ of land at Aswan new industrial area and we would acquire extra to 3500 m³ after one year of actual production.
Aswan’s new industrial area has some unique features such as:
1. Granite raw material reserve at surrounding areas is circa 700,000,000m³
2. Two paved roads connect to all Egyptian markets & ports
3. 10km to Alsadd Alaaly (High Dam) port to Sudan
4. A third paved road connects to Sudan
5. 500km from Safaga port at Red Sea
6. 8km to Aswan International Airport
7. 2km to the nearest train station.
This part area of Egypt is known for a lot of great granite materials of so many types like for brief example:
• Rosso Nefertiti Granite
• Nubian Rose Granite
• Assuan Light Granite
• El Shayeb Assuan Granite
• White Halayeb Granite
• Egypt Imperial Red Granite
• Rosa Aswan Light Granite
• Rosa Aswan Dark Granite

The location of the factory and our personal relations as owners can reduce the row material price to very profitable prices not to mention the energy prices and the salaries in Egypt.

Rationale for the deal

As a foreign investor you will be asked to offer the finance for the remaining machinery and maybe also the capability to provide experienced craftsmen. It would be of an advantage if you have strong experience in identical projects. You will have fair share that it will be discussed in person to grant you highest revenue and satisfying profit in the short and long term.

Use of financing

the numbers listed above based on local market studies and dose not include the great opportunity of exporting this material to Europe and Arabian gulf countries which would increase it a lot.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for a fair deal and long expanding relationship with an honest investor to be part of this project and maybe also in its upcoming expansions in return of full revenue in less than two years, and we will provide him the land, the buildings and the vast relations network that we have, so that we can both enjoy success and profits given the great opportunities offered to foreign investors by Egyptian government.

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