Funds are Needed for Industrial Fishing in the Republic of Guinea

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our company is in search of a venture partner ready to invest $5,000,000- 10,000,000 USD for an industrial fishing program in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa.

The funds requested are to obtain for a start one new or used fishing vessel at least 65 metres long, breath 11 metres, draft 5 metres with a minimum 600MT parking and frozen capacity.

The Guinean fishing zone disposes of more than 24 species of fish needed on the local and international market.

The local market along show a demand for 5000MT to 10,000MT of frozen fish monthly

Our studies proved that the above loan (or investment) would be refunded within the first year of operation. This means that proceeds from the second and proceeding years show high profit for the investor/lenders.

Investors for this project can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Below are the different participants of this project:

1. The financial partner/investor
2. Local fish distributing companies that will buy or products
3. Ecobank Guinea that will manage proceeds from sale
4. The project manager (us)
5. The government that is to issue the licence etc.

Our competitive advantage is guaranteed by our relationship with local dealers in the capital and beyond and the fact that our competitors can not repeat our success.

Use of financing

The funds are needed to purchase a new or used fishing vessel, pay for licence and handle administrative and technical overhead cost.

Opportunity for the investor

We need a debt investor or an equity investor.

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