Wireless Business Expansion Backings

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am looking to expand my business, because my brand is strong and needs more stocks and reach customers satisfaction and launch a new brand of cell phones in guyana. I am looking for backings of $500,000 to $1,000,000 us i am ready to start growing my business.

I am manager owner of wireless connections in Georgetown, Guyana, this brand is very well known in Guyana.

Wireless Connections core business is cell phones but over the years our brand became so trusted that customers keep asking for more services and we listen to them, with that we strated to do house hold itemes, I was just offer authorized dealer for a great brand of cell phone in Guyana.

I am also looking to expand my product line in the store, I am looking for long term investment, but will not make that a demand, I am also willing to work short term.

I will payback, in three to five years my brand is strong.

I think a good business is a strong and trusted brand reaching customers demand with high volumes of sale and great profits.

If you invest in this brand you are able to see your money grow in a great brand in this south American company that is a house hold and trusted brand in Guyana,we don,t have to go looking for any market we just have to say we have it and the customers will come, and when i say we i mean you and i ..

I stared this business with one cell phone, and moved it to another level.
This company is still growing and needs the right backing to keep us growing.

Competitive Advantage

Other player in the market have items but dose not place effort on customers service,some don't have the right price to make the right demand,and some do not open on time.

Customers keep asking us to do more for them because i know them and the know me i do often work the floor with customer and talk with them..

We are way ahead of our competitors but just need the right backing thank you..

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