Mining Opportunity in Guyana - Discover Tantalite & Minor Minerals

Opportunity Snapshot

Gravel Texture - Minor Minerals Mining Startup Gauyana Image Courtesy: Frédéric Bisson, 2014, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

Invest in Mineral Mining at high return. The investment payback period is very short. Clients are available and ready to buy the mining production on the spot.

Our everyday operations are as follows:
• We provide the miners all necessary tools.
• We pay the miners’ work.
• We get the minerals tested.
• We make product FOB ready for the customer.

Competitive Advantage

Our Mining and Sales Strategy gives us and advantage as the buyer is lined up.

Use of financing

The funding will be used to buy equipment and pay workers.

Opportunity for the investor

We will share 50% of the profit.
The investment payback period is 3 month.
Optional return on investment in MINERALS AMOUNT.
Exit strategy to be discussed.

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