Open Pit Mining in the Interior of Guyana, South America

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Gold Mining operation - gold production for exportation with returns of approximately 85% within 3 years or less.

This Project is at the seed stage. It is being presented for investment in the gold mining industry which is the strongest market presently. Investment is needed for purchase of the mining land and equipment startup overheads for this project.

Mining Production is expected to rake in 50-300 ounces per week upon commencment and growth within 3 year span.

Major investment would be for land and mining equipment.

The mining area is approximately 100 acres with possibility expansion.

Cash Payback period is expected to be within 3-5years. Investors are given the opportunity to learn the mIning industry and earn on this very strong market.

Investors can send us PM on Merar and receive more information for this investment opportunity.

Competitive Advantage

Guyana Gold is high standard
Gold Market is high and growing
Demand is constant
Limited local competition

Rationale for the deal

Best Market
Growing Market

Use of financing

Gold Land
Startup Overheads

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