Coffee Company Having Available Plantation Lands Seeks Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have interesting projects on the go and will accept equity investors. Invesments are backed by real estate and retail product ready for shipping.

We are a full circle agro-business coffee company. Meaning we grow our own coffee and participate in all steps of the industry from the seed to the coffee cup.

In our early seed stage of development we are ready to ship roasted coffee and have high altitude estate lands in place for producing our own coffee. As part of our companies full circle agro-business model and hands-on agricultural philosophy we have begun work on a well needed ‘Botanical Garden’ adjacent to coffee estates. The Botanical Garden is a multi-faceted tool for the company and the region. Investors are welcome to visit for holidays and business alike. Investment with participation options are plentiful in our full-circle agro-business model.

Competitive Advantage

By producing our own supply of single origin coffee, we leverage our position in the in the retail market.

Rationale for the deal

The Company’s business model allows for success, growth and participation throughout the entire spectrum of the coffee industry. By expanding our investor base we strengthen our marketing options and expand our producing capabilities.

Use of financing

Investment monies will be used towards sowing estate lands, processing equipment, promotions and retail product supply for distribution.

Opportunity for the investor

ROI begins immediately. Exclusive distributions options for active partners. Fringe benefits. High growth potential, early seed investment opportunity.

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