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We are a young and exciting Internet company founded in June 2007 and managed by a team of Columbia, Cornell, UPenn and MIT alumni.

We are developing the next Web 2.0 social networking website: a trendy online community where members share travel experiences, personalize their trips and go treasure-hunting. We are located in Hong Kong Science Park.

Our social networking platform Pillow2 ( is a Web 2.0 travel-focused social network. It has four main functionalities:

1. Plan Together
This is an interactive trip planning tool with which a member can plan their next trip together with their travel buddies.

2. Treasure Hunting
With the interactive map, members can explore and discover many hidden local spots generated by the community.

3. Itinerary On The Go
With the network's mobile apps, a member can download an itinerary to their iPhone/Android device and plan their trip on the go.

4. Showcase Your Journeys
This functionality allows a member to create a comprehensive travel journal with photos and places visited. The journal can then be shared with friends and published on other social networks, e.g. Facebook.

The management team is comprised of alumni of Columbia, Cornell, UPenn and MIT. All team members have extensive management experience in both the USA and Asia and hold advanced technical and business degrees. The team has worked in hi-tech start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

If you are interested investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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