Investment Opportunity in Foreign Currency & Equity Trading Business

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I'm urgently in need of $10,000 (INR. 5,00,000/-) or higher as capital for my Financial Trading business. The investment is required to fund the trading account.

I am in Foreign Currency & Equity Trading Business and require the money for funding my trading account. Preferably, the investor would be from India as it will be more convenient to meet in person & discuss the project. The investor can ask for the withdrawal of the invested money along with 70% of the profit after one year.

Financial Trading is not only a source of income but a passion for me. I love dedicating my time & effort in it & because of this I was being spending my last two years learning it. I have lost some of my hard earned money during the learning phase but have learned valuable lessons from it which cannot be learnt otherwise. Many would have quit trading but those losses never pulled me backwards because of my passion for trading, dedication & perseverence & I knew that I will succeed in the end. Now, after 2 years, I' m all set to trade the lucrative financial markets, but, I don't have the required money to fund my trading account & start trading.

I know people will be a bit skeptic in investing their hard earned money in any sort of business & need to see proof that their money will be safe. So what I'm saying is, I will give my Investor password of my demo trading account so that the investor can see the real profit figures & not just figures in the financial statements which can be easily manipulated in any manner to support one's claims.

I'm also willing to trade for a month or two so the investor can watch it & can be absolutely confident that their money will not be lost as I use strong money management strategies to protect the trading fund.

Competitive Advantage

No other business can guarentee 100% safety of the deposited money and can assure that profits can be generated. I'm offering the investor the password of my trading account so that they can log in to it and see the figures real-time and on demand. I'm even willing to trade a month or two right in front of them. They can see profits generated and can be convinced that the deposited money will be safe and profits can be generated. No other business can offer this to an investor.

Rationale for the deal

I use strong money management strategies which gives priority to the money deposited and then the profits as I know exactly how it feels losing hard-earned money. So, the invested money will be safe and will not be lost due to trading. That means, even if the worst happens, which is highly unlikely, the investor will be able to walk away with the initial investment.

I competed in a forex trading competition held by from 25 February 2013 to 15 March 2013 & gained a massive 90%. Contact me to view the statement or if you need the investor password of the account to download the statement yourself.

Use of financing

The investment is required to fund the trading account. No further funding will be required.

Opportunity for the investor

I'm expecting an investor who can invest a minimum of 10,000 USD. The investor will be a silent investor as the money invested will be used to fund the trading account which will be traded by me.

The invested money can be withdrawn or payed back to the investor after 12 months ONLY, along with the 70% of the profit generated in those 12 months.

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