Capital Market Analysis Software with Artificial Intelligence Support

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

With the growing scope of financial world, the demand of customized and more precise tools to analyse the most active Capital Markets is also growing.

The software I have developed based on an Artificial Intelligence technology assists users 80% of the time. Clients can be retailers as well as institutional customers. Currently, all the clients I have are corporate clients. There are so effectively using the product and are satisfied with it.

The product helps a user to analyse the market based on various in-depth parameters. The unique point is however that it assists users all the way long until the trades are executed and the P/L is booked.

I am targeting niche countries to market the product where the demand for the product is high. Payback of 11% to a max of 25% per annum on investments is expected.

Funding required is 75 K in the initial stage; later as per the requirement a new proposal for a new round of financing shall be proposed.

Competitive Advantage

Currently very few products with live support are available in the markets and the success ratio of such products is very low.

I have faced this challenge and developed a system which is consistent and stable information providing mechanism.

There are other systems available but those are priced too high, hence they only cater the institutional clients.

With the cost effective membership I am currently providing, we can take over retail clients along with corporate clients to a major extent.

Rationale for the deal

My experience in financial market studies is approx. 13 years. I have been active in the development of this system for the past 7 years and now finally it is fine-tuned and ready to hit the markets.

I will both target developed and developing countries as markets for my product.

We shall be making money from the sales of the product and from the membership of the product.

To be honest, there arecompetitors but their proposition of sale is different. So competition won't really hamper us to that extent.

Use of financing

Funds shall be used to increase the working capital levels, which can help us in increasing the our employee task force.

20% of the funding shall be used to increase the technical and infrastructural demands.

Opportunity for the investor

The Investor can expect a minimal payback of 11% per annum to a max of 25% per annum on investments as currently I am targeting niche countries to market the product which is quite on demand!

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